Look up what songs are copyrighted youtube?

Cristopher Daniel asked a question: Look up what songs are copyrighted youtube?
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Whenever you search for a video on YouTube and it contains copyrighted music, one way to recognize it is to go to the video description. By default, the platform adds a few lines of information about the music track(s) heard in the video.

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If you use music in your video, you may get a Content ID claim notifying you that you used copyrighted content. Here's what each policy means: Monetize: The copyright holder has chosen to monetize this music, so ads may appear on your video.

Content ID will match your reference content against every upload to YouTube. Copyright owners must have the exclusive rights to the material that's evaluated. Common examples of items that may not be exclusive to individuals include: mashups, “best of”s, compilations, and remixes of other works.

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