Limit youtube title to how many characters?

Bradly Dooley asked a question: Limit youtube title to how many characters?
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Keep your titles within 70 characters (including spaces). Though YouTube has a 100-character limit for titles, anything longer than 70 will be truncated in most search results.

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Character limits vary. When titling your video on YouTube, you have 100 characters to accurately label your video and entice people to watch it. However, when your title appears as a result of a Google Search, it will only show about 70 characters of your title.

Character limit for YouTube video title is 100 characters. When start typing video title or paste title in input, maximum allowed YouTube video title length and title total character count display at right bottom corner.

YouTube - stream Title limit is 100 characters. Twitch - stream Title limit is 140 characters. Twitter - post about the live stream is limited to 255 characters. Periscope - The stream Title limit is 120 characters. Periscope Producer - The stream Title limit is 250 characters. Read this article to learn how to Go Live with Periscope Producer.

I am now assuming that somewhere around the 4850 characters including spaces mark is the limit on the maximum text in a Description. Now to what are “illegal characters”. As you might have already realized, characters like periods (.) and commas (,) are legal.

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