Large companies who offshore their software development?

Wyatt Bahringer asked a question: Large companies who offshore their software development?
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Axon active - offshore software development company

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  • Eleks is one of the biggest Eastern European software development outsourcing companies focused on fintech, retail, and logistics businesses. The company houses around 5,000 tech specialists in seven locations including the US, the UK, and Eastern European countries. QBurst is a full-cycle digital products company with a global presence.

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Axon active - offshore software development company 2013

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Top 10 Offshore Software Development Companies in the World Zfort Group. Zfort Group is an innovative software specialist that prides itself on its ability to solve tangible... N-iX. N-IX has over 1,000 employees, which means that they’re a pretty good pick if you’re a large company that needs an..…

VironIT is an outsourcing software development company with a primary focus on delivering end-to-end software development services. Company’s core areas of expertise are the development of mobile applications, web-oriented software products, business software solutions, software integrati...

This offshore outsourcing company helps businesses (including ones listed in Fortune 500)boost their software development capabilities with dedicated teams of engineers. N-iX has helped its 100+ clients build solutions in Big Data, Data Science, BI , Cloud , Embedded, Enterprise VR, DevOps , etc.

Saigon Technology is the top offshore software development company that's trusted by well-known enterprises & startups in developed countries. Our offshore software development center is powered by talented Vietnam software engineers and matured Agile process.

Offshore Software Development enables businesses to outsource their software development needs to third parties located at an offshore location. These software development companies have expertise in providing all types of software development services from simplified coding to complicated digital transformations.

Here are 5 Largest US Companies that Offshore to India Ford Motor Company (FMC) Ford Motor Company is a renowned American automobile giant. FMC outsources software development, IT & customer support to India.

Already large corporations and companies such as Intel USA, Microsoft, Nokia, and even Reuters are importers of Ukraine’s software services. The operational, cultural and financial advantages make Ukraine a leading software outsourcing destination for companies looking for an excellent ratio of quality and price.

For decades, large companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Wargaming have been offshoring software development to Ukraine. These and many others have established large R&D centers there as well. Their need to apply contemporary global trends in the most economically friendly way makes Ukraine the perfect missing piece of the puzzle.

It goes without saying that the advantages of using outsourced software developers are rather vivid and that’s why companies like Google, Slack, Microsoft, Alibaba, and GitHub trust the outsourcing process.

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Football championship in axon active's da nang branch - spring close 2014