Kraken will not show up in cam software?

Ryley Marvin asked a question: Kraken will not show up in cam software?
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Unfortunately, sometimes CAM can stop recognizing your CAM-powered hardware. This is typically caused by changes to your system's software or hardware… If your hardware is not recognized and you have a Kraken X31, X41, X42, X52, X53, X61, X62, X63, X72, or X73 we have a chipset driver that you can install.


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  • The only one that supports fan control for second generation ( Kraken x61, x41 and x31 ) as well as third on Windows that I have found is liquidctl (as of 2/6/2019 still in an experimental dev branch, can check on the issue directly for updates ). Please note: none of this is my own software, and this is only a guide based on my own experience.

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Thanks NZXT for giving me a reason to play with after effects again. Links for downloads below [UPDATE BELOW AFTER ALL THE LINKS].Britec09 Original Video:htt...

ASUS Prime X570-Pro. Now i just spend $300 on the most expenive AIO and spend all evening installing my new Kraken Z73 in my rig with a ASUS Prime X570-Pro and nothing is recognized in the CAM software. I tested the USB cable included with an old Samsung S7 and it worked fine so it is not the USB cable. All i have now is an $300 AOI showing ...

If so, you’ll need to control fans via BIOS - CAM does not recognise fans that are not connected via an NZXT fan controller. As for the Kraken not showing up, that’s a separate issue. Short of reinstalling CAM and rebooting, not sure what to suggest. I would contact NZXT support directly on that one.

Kraken x62 not showing up in Cam. I just finished my build and am "pumped" :P about my new x62! It is working, the fans are running, and the cooling is great - BUT. I can not seem to get it to show up in the newest CAM software ( I have clicked on "install Kraken drivers" ) within the NZXT driver window but it just does not seem to change ...

If your Kraken Z53, Z63 or Z73 has is overheating or the display is not working, first please verify if the cooler is visible in our CAM software. If the product is not visible in CAM, this is a separate issue with recognition, the cooler will only work fully if Windows and CAM recognize a cooler when the PC starts up.

wrote: You signed in with another tab or window. ¹ One way of supporting features based on CPU/GPU temperature is to send that value to the cooler, and let it handle after that.

If your hardware is not recognized and you have a Kraken X31, X41, X42, X52, X53, X61, X62, X63, X72, or X73 we have a chipset driver that you can install. To download this file, press the "Download" button on the top right of the page and then press "Direct Download". This will produce a file with extension.

For whatever reason, the Kraken X62 is not showing up in the CAM software that I downloaded from NZXT. It's the latest version. I tried uninstall/install, and it didn't fix it. I know the other popular suggestion is to change USB headers, but I only have one USB 2.0 port on my mobo so the Kraken X62 is hooked up to the NZXT USB 2.0 Internal Hub...

kraken x53 not showing up in cam. Close . 1. Posted by 5 months ago. kraken x53 not showing up in cam. As the title says my x53 is not showing up in the cam software. My fans are working and stuff but the lights on my pump don't do anything. If i look at my cpu stats i see my temp my clock speed but my fan says n/a. My x53 is not showing up in device manager and i can't seem to find a solution if someone would help me i would appreciate that. 9 comments. share. save. hide ...

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