Kid who made the most money on youtube?

Triston Roob asked a question: Kid who made the most money on youtube?
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Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji has been designated the highest earning YouTube star of the year 2020. He is 9 years old. According to Forbes, he's earned nearly $30 million from his channel. He has over 40 million subscribers.

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It certainly paid off for a 7-year-old boy named Ryan who earned $22 million last year for uploading YouTube videos of him playing with toys. Forbes just released its highest-paid YouTube stars of...

Forbes is out with its latest list of YouTube stars, and this year it includes a 6-year-old boy who, the magazine says, is raking in millions – by playing wi...

As a kid, many of us dream of having a lot of money to spend in any way we can imagine, usually wishing for the newest game console, the coolest toys, or may...

According to Forbes, the highest earner in their most recent assessment of money generators on YouTube was an 8-year-old kid. Though perhaps referencing him as "an 8-year-old kid" is a little ...

Another Pew study revealed that 81% of parents with children 11 or younger let their kids watch YouTube. High-minded programming can be found on YouTube—it just doesn’t make much money.

$22 million in revenue for the highest-paid YouTuber

The highest-earning YouTube star in the world is an elementary-school kid who makes millions reviewing toys. Ryan, the 7-year-old "host" of Ryan ToysReview, a popular toy-review channel on YouTube,...

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