Japan doesn't sue youtube people who take their music?

Eloy Farrell asked a question: Japan doesn't sue youtube people who take their music?
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The issue seems to be that, unlike the other major music labels, the Japanese music labels are dragging their feet to sign on with Youtube Red. To the Youtube viewers, it wouldn't make a lick of difference. They could still view the videos for free after the music labels sign on with YT Red.

As people pointed out, Nintendo doesn’t want people listening to their music for free on youtube, but then don’t release their tracks outside of Japan.

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Yes, undoubtedly. As I said before, I don't deny this. It just so happens that you pulled this out of nowhere, since my opposition was to your claim that if Nintendo didn't have a "good reason" to take down videos featuring their music, they would "forfeit their moral rights" to their copyrights. That is simply untrue.

Eating disorders are characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits which negatively affect a person's health (including eating non-food items). Violent Events: Promoting or glorifying violent tragedies, such as school shootings. Instructional theft or cheating: Showing viewers how to steal tangible goods or promoting dishonest behavior.

These artists quite often will generate 2 sometimes even 3 albums in a year, they chuck them out so fast and they always have great sales and once they go on tour, they do pack these stadiums and the Japanese artists (like them or not) have some of the best light and stage shows on the planet, very creative, very inventive and their fans just want to have a good time, so, for the most part, the artist doesn't have that much to worry about in Japan, their music will always sell.

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I know you can block them, but they can still see your videos, they just can't comment.

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Updated 2 years ago · Author has 272 answers and 960.2K answer views If you look at the subscription statistics in YouTube analytics, you can see how many people discovered your channel through a sign in only feature.... NO, As a YouTube creator you cannot see who viewed your video. Only you can see from which country the views are coming.

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Continue Reading. Unfortunately, you can not find who disliked your video on YouTube by now. Likes and dislikes both are anonymous, which means creators can only know the number of likes and dislikes. In this way, viewers and creators will have an indicator to diagnose if the video is popular or not.

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When you go to your IGTV channel, and open any video of yours, you will see that Instagram will tell you how many people have watched it at the bottom. Click that number so it takes you to the “views and likes” tab. As you can see, IGTV will tell you just the exact number of views, but it will never let you know who those people are exactly.

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Can you see who viewed your YouTube videos? Unfortunately, views on a YouTube video aren't like views on your Instagram story — you can't see what users are watching your videos.

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NO, As a YouTube creator you cannot see who viewed your video. Only you can see from which country the views are coming.

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  • YouTube has a built-in analytics tool that provides creators with a plethora of information about the people watching their videos, including age range, location, and gender. Providing users with this information allows them to create content to better suit their audience and ensure they retain previous viewers while continuing to grow.
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