Is there an app to read other peoples text messages?

Kameron Collier asked a question: Is there an app to read other peoples text messages?
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XNSpy is a decent cell phone monitoring solution that allows you to read someone's text messages without their phone. You can read sent, received, and deleted texts on both iOS and Android-based devices.


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💻 Is there an app to read my child's text messages?

SecureTeen does even more: It gives your kids call logs, which means you know who your kids are calling, and who's calling them. It even enables you to read your kids' text messages. TeenSafe may be the most advanced of all.

💻 Is there a way to read text messages without installing software?

  • Spyzie SMS Tracker lets you to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone. You can also view the timestamps of messages and information of the sender or receiver.Moreover, you can download any media files attached in the SMS/MMS. Do I need to ‘Jailbreak’ or ‘Root’ the device?

💻 Is there an app to print text messages?

One of the easiest ways for Android users to print text messages is with SMS Backup+. The software is located in the Google Play Store and it lets anyone automatically backup their SMS and MMS messages.

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Is there an app that can spy on text messages?
  • None of your private messages are stored on Spyic’s servers. Everything is between the target user’s phone and your dashboard. Spying on text messages doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone if you are using Spyic. This is unlike most other text spy apps that you will find.
Is there an app to save text messages on iphone?

Phoneview - Export and Save iPhone SMS, iMessages

This app is a comprehensive data storage and backup program… Alongside sync text messages, Phoneview makes it very easy to export them via PDF.

Is there an app to see my husbands text messages?

With Neatspy, you can now spy on your husband's text messages comfortably. It's also a reliable, spying app that has millions of users. It is compatible with all browsers as long as you have an internet connection. You can use Neatspy in both Android and iOS.

Is there an app to see your child's text messages?

FoneMonitor is one of the best apps available on the internet when it comes to reading your kid's text messages. You need to set up the device once & enjoy reading the messages along with spying social media applications. It is used in 190+ countries around the world & trusted by billions of people.

Is there a way to read your facebook messages?
  • You will be able to spy on the messages, notifications, photos, and so many activities of a Facebook account. This application works on stealth mode that allows you to read Facebook messages secretly without informing the sender. The Facebook messages are uploaded in real-time to its online portal.
Can you see other peoples subscriptions on youtube?
  • You can change your default privacy setting in your account settings, and you can also enable subscribers to see your subscriptions on your channel About page in the channel settings. When you view other people's channels, you can see a count of their subscribers, but you cannot see a list of other people's subscribers on YouTube.
Is there an app that can read others facebook messages?
  • But, they are unaware of the facebook spy software which lets you read others facebook messages secretly and remotely. What is Facebook spy app? Facebook Spy Software helps you spy facebook messages secretly without them knowing and one such app is Spymaster Pro. With this, you can read all conversation threads at your own place.
Is there an app that can read your facebook messages?
  • With mSpy, you can view Facebook messages even after they have been deleted. Monitor other popular messaging apps: mSpy’s functionality isn’t limited to Facebook Messenger alone. This spy app lets you monitor your target’s activities on other messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and so on.
How do i download other peoples posts on facebook?

Highlight the entire URL and then press Ctrl + C or right-click and select Copy from the drop-down menu. Open a new tab by pressing Ctrl + T . Paste the URL into the address bar by pressing Ctrl + V , and then press Enter . Replace "www" or "web" with "mbasic" in the URL and then press Enter .

How do you delete other peoples comments on youtube?
  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Go to the comment.
  3. Select ⋮
  4. Select Remove or Delete.
How do you delete other peoples likes on facebook?

Go to your Page, then click Page Settings in the bottom left. Click People and Other Pages in the left menu. Click to check the box next to the person you want to remove. Click and select Remove From Page Likes.

How do you find other peoples playlists on youtube?
  1. If it's your own playlist: Go to the left-hand menu…
  2. If it's someone else's playlist: Go to their channel page Playlists tab…
  3. If you're watching a video within a playlist: Click the title of the playlist in the gray box on the right-hand side to get to the playlist page.
Is it bad to use other peoples youtube videos?

As for videos without creative commons, you can still use it but I would not recommend it as they are copyrighted to the owner and if used without permission the owner could report you. And make sure to ask the permission of the video creator before you use it.

Is there a way to read facebook messages without seeing them?
  • Although Social media platforms like Facebook and Messenger make effortless communication between two persons possible, it also lets a user know if their messages are being ignored after seen. In some apps, you can turn off the read receipt option but in Facebook Messenger such an option is not available.
Is facebook reading your text messages?
  • Update: Facebook has released a statement on the matter, declaring that they haven't been users' text messages. There is no reading of user text messages....The reason it is on there is because we have done some testing (not with the general public) of products that require the SMS part of the phone to talk to the Facebook App.
Can facebook read whatsapp messages?

We can't see your personal messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook: Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read your messages or hear your calls with your friends, family, and co-workers on WhatsApp. Whatever you share, it stays between you.

Does facebook read your messages?
  • If you're anxious about a reply to an urgent message, Facebook unfortunately does not provide an automatic way to determine if someone has read your message. However, there are other means to find out if someone has likely seen your private message.
Who can read facebook messages?

By using its online portal, you can check Facebook messages as well as read other chat history without letting the target user know since this app stays hidden in the target device. You can also install this app on your own device and read Facebook messages without seen, as the collected messages are uploaded to KidsGuard Pro's server so it will never show the seen icon.

Can i post other peoples videos on my youtube channel?

You can upload other people's video on YouTube but if you have permission to do so… You will be the sole owner of your video. If you want to upload other people's video,just get a written permission from them or you can get online permission.

Can you use other peoples youtube videos in your videos?

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video? If you plan to include copyright-protected material in your video, you'll generally need to seek permission to do so first… If you wish to use someone else's YouTube video, you may want to reach out to them directly.

How do you download other peoples live videos on facebook?
  1. Head over to Facebook and search the live video you want to download.
  2. Now copy the URL from top address bar. Otherwise, right-click on the video, click 'show video URL' and copy the link.
  3. Visit and paste the highlighted URL in the download bar.