Is there a navigation app for truck drivers?

Keenan Larkin asked a question: Is there a navigation app for truck drivers?
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Sygic Launches iOS Version of the Most Popular Navigation App for Truckers and Commercial Drivers. Sygic, the most downloaded truck navigation app on Android, today launches its navigation app for RVs, buses, delivery vans and large trucks on iOS, which is now available for download on both iPhones and iPads.

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The most popular free truck GPS app may simply be Google Maps. Many drivers like to supplement their other GPS apps or trucking GPS navigation units with Google Maps to get a close look at the delivery location before they go so they can plan their approach and even see exactly where the loading docks are.

Gps Truck Navigation is specified gps app for truck drivers to provide reliable and easy truck routing. Truck drivers with heavy loads need safe way to travel and they should know the best roads to...

TruckMap is the best free mobile app built for Truck Drivers. The only app with truck optimized GPS routes, diesel fuel, weigh stations, overnight parking, Walmart, and Rest Areas. Truck Optimized GPS Routes - Routes and directions for Trucks, not cars - Plan for truck weight, low clearance, and HAZMAT

Best Trucking APP featured by truckers! Trucker Path is a mapping tool used by more than 1,000,000 truck drivers, to find truck stops, weigh stations over-the-road. We also provide truck-specific GPS navigation directions. Join the community of more than 1,000,000 truck drivers now!

Truck Me In™ is an innovative navigation app for truck drivers that assists to locate accurate gate entrances for shippers and receivers. Address Email: [email protected]

The app even shows different amenities like truck parking, WiFi hotspots, playgrounds, and much more. iExit is like a special google maps for truckers. The user-friendliness of the app makes it one of the best truckers gps app of the year.

Unlike regular GPS navigation apps, CoPilot understands that you’re driving an HGV, which is why it’s such a popular app for HGV drivers. The routes used by the app will avoid truck-restricted or prohibited roads, automatically calculating the routes using your vehicle’s size, weight and width and load type. As well as this, the app shows live traffic on your route when connected to mobile data.

The app features more than 7,000 truck stops with reviews all across North America. Moreover, the Trucker Path app comes with its unique mapping system that you can use to avoid low bridges and find the nearest fuel stops with truck clearance.

Built to keep you safe and compliant Plan safe routes by avoiding low bridges and truck restricted roads thanks to industry standard PC*MILER routing. Enter your truck’s height, width, length, weight, axle and load including Hazmat and let CoPilot Truck do the work. Focus on the road and only the road

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