Is the pl / sql diagnostic logging table stored in oracle identity manager?

Bettye Veum asked a question: Is the pl / sql diagnostic logging table stored in oracle identity manager?
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  • The framework is enabled in Oracle Identity Manager by default. Note the following information about the framework: By default, coarse-grained level information is captured in PL/SQL diagnostic logging tables as a log for reconciliation runs, and no information is stored for OIM Data Purge scheduled task runs.


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💻 What was oracle identity manager formerly called?

Oracle Identity Manager was formerly known as two names. One being Oracle Xellerate Identity Provisioning, and the other being Thor Xellerate Identity Manager.

💻 Where are diagnostic and log files stored in oracle?

  • Location of Diagnostic and Log Files. When a database deployment is created on Oracle Database Cloud Service, log files from the creation operation are stored in subdirectories of /var/opt/oracle/log . By default, Oracle Database trace files and log files are stored in subdirectories of /u01/app/oracle/diag .

💻 What is oracle archive logging?

  • Oracle enables you to save filled groups of online redo log files to one or more offline destinations, known collectively as the archived redo log, or more simply archive log. The process of turning online redo log files into archived redo log files is called archiving.

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  • Stored procedure in Oracle. Oracle's database language, PL/SQL, is made up of stored procedures, which build applications within Oracle's database. IT professionals use stored programs in Oracle's database to properly write and test code, and those programs become stored procedures once compiled.
What is stored procedure in oracle?
  • A Oracle stored procedure is the derived form of the anonymous block structure which can be identified by its own unique name. It is stored in the database as a database object and it has header and body sections. The header section consists of the name of the procedure,...
Where are oracle database files stored?

The database's data is collectively stored in the database's tablespaces. Each tablespace in an Oracle database consists of one or more files called datafiles. These are physical structures that conform with the operating system in which Oracle is running.

What is oracle net manager?
  • Oracle Net Manager. Oracle Net Manager is a graphical user interface tool that combines configuration abilities with Oracle Names component control to provide an integrated environment for configuring and managing Oracle Net. It can be used on either the client or server. Oracle Net Manager is also integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager.
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  • Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that can back up, restore, and recover database files. The product is a feature of the Oracle database server and does not require separate installation. Recovery Manager is a client/server application that uses database server sessions to perform backup and recovery.
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Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free, open source, cross-platform application for creating, managing and running virtual machines (VMs). Virtual machines are computers whose hardware components are emulated by the host computer.

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  • An Oracle Connection Manager is used to enable a package to extract data from Oracle Databases and load data into Oracle Databases. The ConnectionManagerType property for the Oracle Connection Manager is set to ORACLE. Configuring the Oracle Connection Manager
How do you find the table name for the oracle golden gate status information in oracle enterprise manager?

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How to display an oracle table as a table?
  • I'm new to oracle (or SQL in general) and trying to get stuff done. In MS SQL Server I can do select * from tablename; and it displays all the data in a tabulated format. If I do that in Oracle it displays the data in a weird format that's hard to read, unless I specifically select the columns I want.
How does oracle quoting work with oracle territory manager?
  • Oracle Quoting uses Oracle Territory Manager to automatically assign sales teams to quotes. Refer to the Oracle Territory Manager User Guide and Oracle Territory Manager Implementation Guide for more information. Oracle Quoting integrates with Oracle Sales Contracts to provide contract terms on quotes.
Can oracle create a temp table?
  • Yes, Oracle can create a temp table, but the concept is slightly different. A temp table is a permanent object in Oracle, only the data is temporary. With this definition, the rows will only be visible until you issue a commit. You could also specify ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS in which case the rows in...
What causes table fragmentation in oracle?

Fragmentation comes with when we update/delete data in table. The space which gets freed up during non-insert DML operations is not immediately re-used (or sometimes, may not get reuse ever at all). This leaves behind holes in table which results in table fragmentation.

What is alter table in oracle?

Description. The Oracle ALTER TABLE statement is used to add, modify, or drop/delete columns in a table. The Oracle ALTER TABLE statement is also used to rename a table.

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  • Base Tables. The underlying tables that store information about the associated database. Only Oracle should write to and read these tables. Users rarely access them directly because they are normalized, and most of the data is stored in a cryptic format.
What is dynamic table in oracle?

Tables which are having frequent changing nature. ie. the column values will be changing time after time.

What is initrans in oracle table?

The INITRANS setting controls Initial Transaction Slots (ITLs). A transaction slot is required for any session that needs to modify a block in an object. For tables INITRANS defaults to 1 for indexes, 2. The MAXTRANS setting controls the maximum number of ITLs that a block can allocate (usually defaults to 255).

What is source table in oracle?
  • Essentially the source table is the place where the data is coming from and the target table is the place where the data is going to or the table that an action is taking place on. They do not have to be in different schema's or have a different structure to each other and in fact they could actually be the same table. Share
What is space table in oracle?

Oracle table space is an identifier for a physical file found at the operating system level.

What is static table in oracle?

A table that never changes.

What is table fragmentation in oracle?

As rows are added to tables, the table expands into unused space within the space. Conversely, when rows are deleted, a table may coalesce extents, releasing unused space back into the tablespace.

What is table redefinition in oracle?

Oracle Database provides a mechanism to make table structure modifications without significantly affecting the availability of the table, which is known as online table redefinition. Redefining tables online provides a substantial performance boost when compared to traditional methods of redefining tables.

What are tablespace oracle sequences stored in?
  • Oracle stores the definitions of all sequences for a particular database as rows in a single data dictionary table in the SYSTEM tablespace . Therefore, all sequence definitions are always available, because the SYSTEM tablespace is always online. Sequence numbers are used by SQL statements that reference the sequence. You can issue a statement to generate a new sequence number or use the current sequence number.
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On disks in organizers called Tablespaces(TS). Tablespaces contain 1 or more data files. When you create a table, you tell it in the DDL what TS will house it. Gib

Where is the data stored in oracle?
  • It's the same on all platforms. A table is stored in a logical container, called a TABLESPACE. Oracle store the data into data block/DBF e.g. storing the data of table it may take more than 1 data block/DBF. Tables are store in form of data block.Location of these data blocks can be find you using the SQL.