Is it safe to sell on facebook marketplace?

Ray Luettgen asked a question: Is it safe to sell on facebook marketplace?
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  • It can be. Factor in your time taking and uploading your photo.   Turn off your notifications so your Facebook newsfeed doesn’t become inundated with marketplace deals. And some do complain that there are no-shows when an item is scheduled to be picked up. Is it safe?

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Know what items and actions are allowed on Facebook. We don't allow the sale of counterfeit, illegal or stolen items. For a full list of what you can and can't sell, you can review our Commerce Policies. See More See Less

It’s safe alright… UNTIL they decide to disable your account and not pay you the money you are owed! DO NOT ACCEPT FACEBOOK PAYMENTS - DO NOT ADD YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFO TO ACCEPT ORDERS FOR SHIPPING. Absolutely refuse to take Fakebook shipping ord...

Stay Safe While Using Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to buy and sell previously loved items. Using these tips will ensure that you can buy and sell your items online with confidence. If you put your personal safety first, conducting the transaction will be a smooth and worthwhile process for both parties.

Selling via the smartphone app can save you time by letting you snap a photo of your item and attach it to the listing without having to save and upload photos. Be Smart in the Marketplace. Here are five suggestions for ensuring your Facebook Marketplace experience is a good and secure one:

Yes, there can be risks to buying and selling on Facebook and similar online exchanges. Use diligence, though, and follow these Facebook Marketplace rules, and you can remain safe while making...

An advantage of selling on Facebook Marketplace is that all messages relating to an ad you've listed are stored in the 'Your items' tab of the app, so your news feed should be safe from spam. Look for specialist Facebook selling groups – but beware selling remotely

You cannot actually buy and sell items on the Facebook Marketplace. You can just find the products (or list them) and get in touch with the owner to arrange payment or negotiate the price. No payment processor supported. No shopping cart, no tax calculation, no nothing that you expect to see as a seller.

One of the benefits Facebook Marketplace has over other online person-to-person sale and auction websites is that you must have a Facebook account to post a listing or buy an item. Checking the seller's profile will help you determine whether the seller is legitimate or a possible scam artist. [3]

The Facebook Marketplace is a great way to get rid of your old junk and make a few bucks or to pick up awesome finds at discounted prices. Unfortunately, there are people out there ready and...

Facebook Marketplace is tied directly to buyers' and sellers' Facebook accounts. Obviously those can be faked as well, but at the very least you can look at a person's profile, find out how long...

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