How to view community posts on youtube?

Alvina Simonis asked a question: How to view community posts on youtube?
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The Community tab replaces the Discussion tab, which has been an optional discussion area for YouTube channels. To find out if you have the new Community tab, visit your channel and look below your channel art. If you have the Community tab, you'll see it in place of the Discussion tab.


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💻 How do you view community posts on youtube?

  1. Go to your Subscription feed.
  2. At the top of the screen, tap the Down arrow.
  3. Select if you want Videos and posts or Videos only.

💻 How to get community tab on youtube to view community posts?

YouTube Community Tab. Community tab eligibility. Creators with over 1,000 subscribers have access to Community posts. It will take up to one week to see the Community tab after passing 1000 subscribers. The Community tab may also be available to other channels as we continue testing this feature.

💻 Can't see community posts on youtube?

FIX|Community posts are only available on your (computer latest version/YouTube app/mobile)right now. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added ...

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Where can I see community posts? There are three places people see community posts – on your channel’s home page (if you have the Community tab), on the YouTube home page, and if a person is subscribed to your community posts, they’ll see them in their subscription feed too.

More Information About YouTube Community Posts YouTube community posts allow creators to publish Instagram-like updates for subscribers to see on their main feed. A creator’s posts can also be...

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How to view posts on youtube?

Videos and posts—The Subscriptions tab will show the videos, as well as text posts, animated GIFs and photos from the channels you’re subscribed to. If you’re not interested in community posts, set your Subscriptions tab to “Videos only”.

How do you get community posts on youtube?

To create a Community post: Go to the tab named “Community” from your channel homepage. In the box at the top you can create your new Community post.

How do you make community posts on youtube?

Creators with 1,000 subscribers or more can use the Community tab to post polls, images, animated GIFs and more. This gives you an easier, lightweight way to engage with your audience more often...

How to create posts on youtube community tab?
  • You can create text post, image posts or even polls using YouTube community tab. You can also use the community tab to promote your videos by creating a post around them. You have to have 10000 subscribers first before the YouTube community tab becomes available to you.
How to make community posts on youtube pc?

1. Go to YouTube and sign into your account on your Mac or PC, if necessary. 2. Click the "Upload" button, the video camera icon, at the top-right side of the screen and select "Create post."

What do community posts do for youtube creators?
  • Community posts are lightweight engagement tools that allow Creators with at least 1,000 subscribers to get closer to fans beyond video. Through different content types, you can both give fans a deeper look into your world and express your creativity.
How to get rid of community posts on youtube?

That won't be the case for long though, as posts are starting to show up on the home page for a few users. The community posts will be under a new section dubbed Latest YouTube posts, and sitting ...

What can you do with community posts on youtube?
  • Creators with access to the Community posts can interact with viewers using rich media. Community posts can include polls, GIFs, text, images, and video. Community posts can allow you to keep in touch with your audience outside of video uploads.
Where can i see my community posts on youtube?
  • If your channel’s audience is set as made for kids, the Community tab is disabled. You also won't be able to create or view posts. Learn more about setting your audience. You can see all of your Community posts on your channel’s Community tab and under the Content section of YouTube Studio.
How to get rid of unwanted community posts on youtube?

Here’s how to do it: You can hover and click on the trusted users, and click on the three-dot menu. Select the option to “Add this user as a comment moderator.” Another way, you can also go to the...

How many subscribers do you need for community posts on youtube?
  • You need a minimum of 1000 subscribers to activate the ‘Community Posts’ option on your YouTube channel. If you already have crossed the mark of 1000 subscribers, and still are unable to see the option, then all you need to do is to relax and wait.
How do you view comments on a community post on youtube?

If you have scheduled Community posts for a future publish date, they will be in YouTube Studio and in the “Scheduled” section of the Community tab. This section is only visible to you. The Community tab replaces the Discussion tab on your channel. Comments from the Discussion tab can be viewed in MyActivity.

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Community tab youtube?

Note that if your channel has over 1000 subscribers, but the Community tab option is not yet visible on your channel, you’ll need to enable custom channel layouts to display the tab. How to make a Community post on YouTube. Once you have access to the Community tab, it’s time to start posting and engaging with your audience.

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