How to stop software update on iphone?

Jalen Swift asked a question: How to stop software update on iphone?
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How do I stop my iPhone from automatically updating iOS?

  1. Open the “Settings” app and go to “General” and then to “Software Update”
  2. Choose “Automatic Updates” and toggle the switch to the OFF position.

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Block/Stop Software Update on iPhone. iOS is the best mobile operating system designed for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch by apple. Apple always keep protecting i...

Go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home button. Then go to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage. Click "Manage Storage" and scroll down the screen to find the iOS 11 icon. Then you'll be brought to the software update page, tap on "Delete Update" and the software updating process will be stopped.

First of all, you have to stop downloading the update. The quick solution is to switch your iPhone to Airplane Mode. Go to iPhone Settings > Airplane Mode > Turn On. Now you disconnected your iPhone from network to stop further downloading of iOS.

Automatic Updates are enabled by default, so you’ll need to turn them off manually. Here’s how to stop automatic software updates on iPhone In a few simple steps. Open the Settings app and scroll...

Click on the Settings option on iPhone and tap on General. Tap on “Software Update” to check if the newest system version has been downloaded. Then back to General > iPhone Storage, scroll down to find the iOS update that downloaded to your iPhone. Tap on it and select “Delete Update”, and confirm the action in the popup.

When you click Software Update on your iPad or iPhone, you'll see "Unable to Check For Update." It's a slightly extreme way to prevent software updates, but some users may be determined to keep the...

So, this is how you disable auto update installation for the system software as well as applications on your iPhone. We have published a lot of other guides related to Windows 10 , macOS, Android ...

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