How to let a youtube video play while you sleep?

Holden Wiza asked a question: How to let a youtube video play while you sleep?
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To get it back up in the background and in sleep mode, swipe up to access Control Centre and press Play in the playback control box to resume the audio only.

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Once installed, just search for a video that you want to play with the screen off and then hit Play. You will need to give permission to the app to draw over other apps. Like New Pipe, Float Tube also lets you control playback from the lock screen.

With YouTube Red, you will be able to listen to audio even when you’re out of the app, and even when the screen is off.

The first is the free way - download the free Dolphin X browser. When you exit the browser, YouTube stop. However, if you swipe down (on iPhone X or above) or swipe up (on earlier iPhones) and press the “play” button, the audio continues playing. Lock your phone and the audio still continues playing.

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