How to get embed code from youtube channel?

Israel Stanton asked a question: How to get embed code from youtube channel?
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Where to find YouTube embed code?

  • Finding the embed code on YouTube Go to the YouTube website. Navigate to the video you wish to embed. Click the Share link below the video, then click the Embed link. The embed link will be highlighted in blue.

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There are two general options on how you can embed your YouTube channel: Manual: Copy/paste each video embed code provided by YouTube Automatic: Use a third-party tool or plugin that has direct integration with YouTube to fetch, and sync the entire...

Simply click the box for “Old Embed Code” then you will be able to generate the code for the YouTube video. That’s all there is to it. Congratulations on your first page with an embedded video. Embedding YouTube Into Your Site. YouTube is the single biggest video hosting and streaming platform in the world.

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