How to find old plat maps?

Lafayette Klein asked a question: How to find old plat maps?
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To read the map, first look for the legend. Every plat map has one. It will tell you things, such as how many feet an inch equals on the map, as well as the orientation of the map (so you will know which way is north, south, east, and west). Look for any numbers in the parcel or lot assigned to your ancestor.


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💻 Where can i find plat maps?

Plat maps can be found on the public records websites for the appropriate towns and counties. You may also access them at the town or city hall.

💻 Are plat maps accurate?

Are plat maps accurate? Plat maps are accurate enough to determine who the legal property owner is. They are great for general use for a large tract of land but not accurate representations of individual lots.

💻 Where can i find plat maps with property lines?

  • Plat maps with property lines are available on AcreValue in 44,795,971 counties across the U.S. Need Help?

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You can sort the map records list by clicking on the various sort tabs. In this example, the list is sorted by date, showing the oldest map available. Click on a map record, and you’ll see the thumbnail and details for that map. You can further filter your desired maps.

Searching for historical maps can be done either by typing in a place name or adjusting the zoom and pan levels on the map itself. The publication dates of the maps can be limited by adjusting the slider scale underneath the text box to set the upper and lower limits of the years to search within.

The most current maps are available from The National Map and US Topo quadrangles. TopoView shows the many and varied older maps of each area, and so is useful for historical purposes—for example, the names of some natural and cultural features have changed over time, and the 'old' names can be found on these historical topographic maps.

Plat maps can help you: Look up property boundaries. Research a neighborhood before buying. Find easements on any property. Check lot dimensions and boundaries. Find public access areas. Identify flood zones and other hazards.

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The best way to find where your ancestors lived, the actual precise location of their home and/or land, is to look at a plat map. Most county courthouses have old plat maps going back decades, and sometimes even centuries in some places.

Visit the websites for your town and county and search the records or maps section for plats. Plat maps may be incorporated into the assessment listings. Step 2 Check out a variety of web sites that sell plat maps online.

This is just a short tutorial on how to use Google Earth overlays to find old homes and structures for metal detecting, research, privy digging, or anything ...

Choose a state from the drop down. Then enter the name of whatever point of interest you are looking for. Some of the more popular searches are for the names of schools, cemeteries, churches, hospitals, military places, streams, summits, airports, harbors, parks, post offices, reservoirs, trails, and valleys.

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Is plat map same as survey?

A Plat or Survey Map is the result of the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey – also commonly referred to as a Property Map. The Plat Map is typically filed along with the deed to the property or other public records regarding the property in the county recorder's office…

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How to find parcel maps?
  • How to Find a Tract or Parcel Map Use the County Surveyor's Record Index Interactive Search Tool. Open the tool by clicking on this link: Record Index Interactive Search Tool Enter the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) or property address (leave out Drive, Avenue, Way, etc) into the search bar at the top left corner of the map.
How to find platt maps?

Plat maps can be found on the public records websites for the appropriate towns and counties. You may also access them at the town or city hall.

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How to read real estate plat map?

A plat map is a type of map that’s used to show the divisions of a parcel of land. It’s used for very specific pieces of property wherein the deed assigns a subdivision lot number to the property.Some deeds will instead use geographic references to detail the shape and size of a property, which means that it has yet to be platted.

What kind of map does plat show?

A plat is unknown in the UK. In the US it is a type of map which is drawn to scale and shows the divisions and subdivisions of a piece of land. The plat can become a legal document after review by a governing body such as a public works department.

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