How to file a fair use copyright dispute on youtube?

Ron Willms asked a question: How to file a fair use copyright dispute on youtube?
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Dispute a claim

Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left menu, select Content . Find the video with the claim you want to dispute. To refine the list, click the filter bar and select the filter Copyright claims.

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While YouTube can’t arbitrate Fair Use disputes, and automated systems like Content ID can’t account for Fair Use, this doesn’t mean that Fair Use can’t exist on YouTube. If you’re a creator, you should avoid relying on fair use unless you understand how the rules work and you’re prepared to defend your position through the Content ID dispute process and potentially the counter notification process. This forces the claimant to withdraw or to file a lawsuit. This isn’t a ...

If the copyright owner selected a policy to block or track your video, the policy may not apply while the dispute is resolved. File an appeal. If the copyright owner denied your Content ID dispute, you can file an appeal. How to appeal rejected disputes. Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left-hand menu, select Content and find your video. In ...

If you Dispute the claim, you simply need to write a short reason why the claim is not genuine or why your use is fair use. YouTube does not make the decision in a Dispute, the decision is instead...

File a dispute after the first 5 days after a claim is made: We will hold revenue from the date the dispute is made ... If you have the required rights to use the copyright-protected content in your video, you can dispute the claim. Read more about disputes below! Remove the music. If you get a claim for a piece of music in your video, you can try to remove the song without having to edit and upload a new video. The video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same. Learn more. Swap ...

The form says that I think the clip is fair use under copyright law. It’s my responsibility to “understand the law” according to YouTube, and that is my understanding of it. I had to “sign” it and also type [well copy/paste] the line that says I’m not intentionally abusing the dispute process. After I did that, I was sent to this help article to see what will happen next. The article warns . If the content owner disagrees with your dispute for any reason, they will have the ...

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