How to convert youtube videos to an e-mail?

Lura Mayer asked a question: How to convert youtube videos to an e-mail?
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  • Open youtube and find the video you want. Copy the url. Go to On the page, click download videos. In Step 1, put in the url. In Step 2, choose the file type you want the video to be converted to. In Step 3, enter your e-mail. Then press convert.

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In this video I give a #tutorial on how to convert #youtube #videos into an MP4 format.

Videos are a highly shared media form in today’s world. It’s easy to share videos across social media platforms, but embedding a video to share in an email can be frustrating – pasting a YouTube video link in Gmail, for ...

Check our video and the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to send youtube videos in email. Be sure to read the whole thing, because we’ll detail some alternatives to this method that will allow you to track and send video email in a more controlled environment.

Did you know you can send VIDEO in an e-mail? I can be a bit tricky, but I am going to walk you through the steps you need to start sending out videos to you...

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📹 Convert YouTube Video 2 hours ago More results How to Convert YouTube Videos: Step 1) Find the video you want to convert on YouTube and copy video URL. Step 2) Paste the YouTube (or any other streaming media site) video URL above and hit "Start" Step 3) Select the desired format, quality, and click "Record Audio" or "Record Video"

hello guys myron here and welcome to another video. in todays video im going to show u guys how to convert any youtube video to mp3 format. if u like the vid...

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