How to add video content to youtube channel?

Dudley Harvey asked a question: How to add video content to youtube channel?
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Here's how easily you can create one:

  1. Click customize channel.
  2. Click on the playlists tab and create a new playlist.
  3. Enter a title or a name for your new playlist…
  4. You'll be taken to a screen where you can click on edit to start adding videos.
  5. Click on add videos and add videos from your channel.

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You may notice that YouTube has already set some videos as “made for kids”. Since you haven’t had a chance yet to set your videos as made for kids or not, you’ll be able to do this now: Tap Library...

17. Try creating video FAQ’s on different trending topics across the web. 18. Create a video tour for your audience about your channel. 19. Respond to others video with video. 20. Create a quiz using video. Raise the questions in viewers mind and offer some attractive prizes the people to stay connected. 21. Turn PPT presentations into video.

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