How the hardware and software work together?

Rebecca Kassulke asked a question: How the hardware and software work together?
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The operating system is responsible for managing the computer's hardware and software resources. It controls the memory needed for computer processes, manages disk space, controls peripheral devices, and manages user communication with the computer… Operating system is software that is installed on the hard disk.

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How Hardware and Software Work Together omputer systems contain both hardware and software, and computer technicians must understand how they interact. Although the phys-ical hardware is the visible part of a computer system, the software is the intelligence of the sys-tem that enables the hardware components to work. After reading this chapter, you should

I think the most important thing connecting software and hardware would probably be the register. Commands or services requested by the software are encoded into binary values of 0’s and 1’s and are written into a register. For example, some register may hold a value of "01101100". This encoding has a total of 8 bits.

“ How do computer hardware and software work together? A. If you keep asking “how?” you get down to the fundamental design principle that the hardware is designed to adjust what it does based on values it retrieves from memory, optionally changing the next instruction to execute and/or save data back to memory.

How Hardware and Software Work Together? Although hardware and software are there for different functions in a computer system, they interact to work. The software includes the operating system or application system that is inside the major processing unit. As mentioned before, the keyboard is the main input unit for a device. When software is already there in a computer system, it knows a programming language.

For example, if the software is requesting a calculation, the hardware logic gates may add the first two bits of the encoding together, produce a result of 1 (0+1 = 1), and then write this result into another register somewhere for the software to go fetch and read.Or, if the encoding is a request for some kind of service, the logic gates may in turn access or write into some other registers which would trigger other logic gates to inititiate this service.

How does computer hardware and software work together? There needs to be an efficient API/SDK integration. A proper software platform is a glue that holds your IT infrastructure in place. As the tech industry grows and expands, so does your companies need to follow. How does your new program run on a mobile operating system?

Software and hardware of computer are useless without each other. Basically computer software is a collection of computer programs that can make us to perform certain task on computer. For performing tasks software requires compatible hardware. To make the two things compatible for each other operating system provides an interface to hardware.

Hardware : The Monitor, Printer, Hard Drive, RAM, Graphic Card and all the other physical components which are connected to the computer (or) which can be physically touched is the computer hardware. Without hardware, software has no idea where to work on. Hence hardware and software run hand in hand for implementing whatever the user wants.

Functions Performed During the Boot 1. Startup BIOS tests essential hardware components (power-on self test or POST) 2. Setup information is used to configure both hardware and software 3. Hardware components are assigned system resources they will later use for communication continued… 20. Functions Performed During the Boot 4.

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