How often is youtube updated?

Oran Macejkovic asked a question: How often is youtube updated?
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  • They are usually update every 48 hours. Your metrics in your YouTube account may indicate more views than your video’s view count is displaying. You may also notice that the views count you see on your computer may be more than what is showing up on your mobile.

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When do YouTube views update? The short answer is; It varies. They are usually up to date every 24 to 48 hours. Your metrics in your YouTube account may indicate more …

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How often is YouTube Twitter and Facebook data updated. Printable View « Go Back. Products. Question. Answer. Information. Products Products Webtrends On Demand.

Normally the analytics updates daily but with a delay of 2 days. This means that today 12/09 should be added to the analytics. This isn't at a fixed time of the day …

After the video starts getting a lot of views, the view count usually updates every 1–2 hours. These times may vary, and YouTube constantly changes their platform.

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