How often can i change my youtube channel name?

Mariam Smitham asked a question: How often can i change my youtube channel name?
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three times

To change your YouTube name, you'll need to go through your YouTube settings menu. You can change your YouTube account name a maximum of three times in a 90-day period, so be sure you know what you'd like your new name to be before saving it.
  • In the mobile app, tap your profile picture . Tap Your Channel. In the right-hand corner of your channel page, tap Settings . On the right, tap Edit . Enter your updated name and tap OK. Bear in mind… You can only change your channel name three times every 90 days.

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How often can I change my YouTube name? Hey friends! When I was first creating my channel, I messed around a few times with the formatting of my name. I didn't realize this was going to lock me out from changing it! This was in January, but I am still not able to update my name since then. How long do I have to wait to change my name again? It seems really stupid that they would make you wait ...

To change your channel name on mobile, you can tap Your channel > Edit name > Save. Changing the profile icon is the same. Tap Your channel > Profile icon. From desktop you can change your YouTube ...

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