How many youtube subscribers did david dobrik have in 2015?

Bernhard Gerhold asked a question: How many youtube subscribers did david dobrik have in 2015?
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  • The content frequently features pranks. Before recent allegations, Dobrik was largely beloved on YouTube, where his main channel's videos have racked up 8 billion views and 18.5 million subscribers. Members of the Vlog Squad have cycled in and out since Dobrik, a former Vine star, began vlogging in 2015.

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Dobrik, who has more than 13 million subscribers, started his career on Vine. When he came to YouTube in 2015 — alongside other popular Vine stars like Jake and Logan Paul, Lele Pons, and Liza...

Read more: A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik's channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about group sex. Dobrik has also lost approximately 100,000 subscribers, down from 18.9 million Tuesday to 18.8 million subscribers Wednesday, according to Social Blade statistics accessed Saturday.

The award led to his Youtube channel surpassing 10 million subscribers, and it currently stands at 18.4 million subscribers. In addition to his video content, Dobril has a podcast with Jason Nash, a fellow Youtuber, and a former Vine star, “VIEWS.”

As a creator with almost 24M followers on TikTok, he is one of the few creators who has successfully pulled off transferring their audience from one platform (YouTube) to another (TikTok). DOBRIK’S BUSINESS MODEL . Let’s take a look at David Dobrik’s business model.

Called "David Dobrik Too," this channel has over 5 million subscribers, while his main channel has over 12 million. As he states in the "About" section, his second channel isn't for vlogging ...

However, multiple sources claim that his net worth is as high as $30 million. The majority of David’s net worth can be contributed to his earnings as one of the highest-paid Youtuber. As of now, David has 17.6 million subscribers on Youtube. Every video of David gets anywhere between 6 million to 26 million views.

Before starting his own YouTube channel, Dobrik was part of the YouTube group, Second Class. [ citation needed ] Dobrik launched his personal YouTube channel, David Dobrik , in 2015. [15] Since its inception, videos on this channel have been comedy vlogs based on real-life situations and semi-scripted bits, featuring many of his former Vine collaborators.

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