How many times has mongodb been downloaded?

Effie Quigley asked a question: How many times has mongodb been downloaded?
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The MongoDB database platform has been downloaded over 175 million times and there have been more than 1.5 million MongoDB University registrations.


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Step #1. First off, you have to download Parallels Desktop 13 on your Mac. After the program has been downloaded, double-click on the ParallelsDesktop.dmg file to open it. Step #2. Now, double-click on Install in the Parallels Desktop window. Click Open to confirm that you want to install Parallels Desktop. Step #3.

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  • I don't know if you'll be able to scale to 20k+ concurrent users easily, since MongoDB uses a new thread for each new connection. You want your web app backend to have just one to a few database connections open and just use those in a pool, particularly since web usage is very asynchronous and event driven.
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A video can be reported at any time once uploaded to YouTube, and then it is reviewed by YouTube staff. If no violations are found by our review team, no amount of reporting will change that and the video will remain on our site.

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Important: Changing your channel name will make your verification badge go away. Sign in to YouTube Studio. From the left-hand menu, select Customisation Basic info. Click Edit to update your channel name. Enter your new channel description. Click PUBLISH. YouTube. YouTube Creators. 3.82M subscribers.

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You may appeal each strike only once. How many times can you change a youtube name?

Bear in mind…

You can only change your channel name three times every 90 days. If you change the name on your Google Account, it will be changed across all Google services, like Gmail. After changing your name, it may take a few days for the new name to be updated and displayed across YouTube. How many times can you deactivate your fb account?

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You can install TurboTax CD/Download on up to five different computers. Each installed copy can prepare different returns.