How many lines of code does facebook have?

Maximus Harber asked a question: How many lines of code does facebook have?
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  • Not including backend code, Facebook runs on 62 million lines of code. With the advent of sophisticated, cloud-connected infotainment systems, the car software in a modern vehicle apparently uses 100 million lines of code. This is according to Wired magazine. All Google services combine for a whopping 2 billion lines.

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The Android codebase is over 4 million and the main site without the backend code is 62 million. Clarification: The new count includes the entire git repository: data, binaries, third-party and all. Thanks to Adam Hupp for pointing this out to me...

Many of the biggest technologies run on software which is created using programming languages. An illustration depicts how many lines of code have been written to create the software and services.

Although I'm not sure if the statistics of this infographic pertain to comment code (most likely not), it is quite astounding just how many lines of code it takes to make some of these technological operations work. Facebook for instance has at least 15 times more code in it than a Large Haydron Collider does (pre debugging).

Sam Schillace. Though Microsoft declines to say how many lines of code underpin Windows, a company once said in a post to, well, Facebook that the code for Windows XP spanned 45 million lines ...

How Many Millions of Lines of Code Does It Take? Today’s data visualization comes from David McCandless from Information is Beautiful.Buy their awesome book called Knowledge is Beautiful – we own the physical version, and it’s full of great data visualizations.. How many millions of lines of code does it take to make the modern program, web service, car, or airplane possible?

So how many lines are inside the things we know best? A military drone has 3.5 million lines of code inside. That’s roughly three times as many as we find in bacteria, meaning that mankind has ...

Much like the code that underpins Windows, the 2 billion lines that drive Google are one thing. They drive Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google+, Google Calendar, Gmail, YouTube, and ...

How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup. Now, Stripe’s Patrick and John Collison are teaming with Amazon to grab even more control over the global flow of ...

How long till reattempting to receive login code? I've tried to log in with my main acc in fb waited like 10 min and didn't get login code, i pressed to resend it but it said: "servers are overloaded try again later" i've tried 3 more times and after that it says: "You have requested too many text message security codes recently.

"Facebook's innovation does not have to come at the expense of consumer privacy. The FTC action will ensure it will not." As part of the agreement in 2011, ...

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