How long does it take for antivirus software to work?

Adrian Streich asked a question: How long does it take for antivirus software to work?
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  • Your antivirus software will let you know how much time the scan will take and if you can use your computer in the meantime. Subsequent scans usually take only a couple of minutes. Once the software is installed and the initial scan completed, the software will immediately go to work and keep you and your system protected.

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How long typically does it take to install my new subscription? I renewed and purchased the total protection. DMsetup is still running at about an hour??? Also, I only see the empty box with Security center at the top, no bars or anything to tell you what or if anything is actually being installed.

Smart Scan, which is TotalAV’s “quick scan” equivalent, can take over 15 minutes. A Full Scan could take closer to an hour or more if your file system is large and limited in resources. Virtual private network (VPN) The service offers a VPN with a long list of VPN server locations: over 40.

Pro Anti-Virus is USD$39.99 Avira Antivirus Premium is USD$23.49 Norton Antivirus is USD$39.99 McAfee Antivirus Plus is USD$49.99 Check to see what those prices get you and for how long.

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