How good is norton internet security?

Uriah Mitchell asked a question: How good is norton internet security?
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Like Windows Defender, Norton blocked 97 percent of the malware payloads from reaching the test system. That's quite good, but not the very best score in this test. Trend Micro scored 99 percent, while McAfee, Sophos, and Vipre Antivirus Plus came out at the top with 100 percent.

  • Norton's Windows antivirus products offer very good malware protection and extra privacy software, but lack some basic security features. Our Verdict. Norton's Windows antivirus products offer very good protection against malware and useful extra tools, but lack some security features and create a heavy system load during scans.

In independent testing from A.V Labs, Norton detected 100 percent of the most widespread malware in the past four months, which includes May through August of 2020. Compared to the industry average of 99 percent, still impressive, Norton is a cut above the rest. But we don't just go by other people's test results.

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Is Norton Antivirus Internet Security Good? Norton Security Virus Coverage. One of the special features of Norton Security 2021 is its new embedded feature that... Software Performance of Norton Security. In contrast to other antivirus tools, Norton Security in its 2021 version... Software ...

Norton is a good antivirus but what you want to protect your Windows machine is a great antivirus program. Unfortunately that simply does not exist right now. Even the so called next generation antivirus programs cannot guarantee 100% protection, according to Symantec executives, the bets that any antivirus program can do is approximately 50%.

Overall, Norton is the best all-around internet security suite you can find — it provides unbeatable malware protection, it bundles almost all of the internet security tools available on the market into a single program, and it provides an excellent value for virtually all types of users. You can try out Norton risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Norton antivirus software is good and did well in our rating. It offers a number of advantages over many of its antivirus competitors. First and foremost, there's Norton’s LifeLock identity ...

Norton Security Deluxe is our top pick for the best internet security suite because of its high malware detection scores, overall value and large selection of security features. Plus, it's easy to use and compatible with mobile devices without requiring you to download a separate program.

Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage covers 10 devices for $25 a month, or $250 a year, and provides 250GB of online storage. You'll get up to $100,000 for expenses and stolen funds each. It also...

It cannot be said ‘Norton is good’ cause antiviruses works different according to computer specifications. Norton is said good because of its protection but there are many better choices like Avast, avira, Bitdefender etc. Norton is known for good security but it affects the computer performance.

Norton makes a good product, but their customer service and lack of willingness to accept responsibility for their own mistakes rules them out of contention for my antivirus pound. P.S. Norton was once one of the best.

Norton review: How good is Norton Antivirus? Exceptional protection from viruses and malware. Very low impact on PC performance. To assess the antivirus performance of Norton’s Antivirus Plus and 360 suites, we have looked to AV Test, a specialist institute that compares and evaluates IT security software. In their latest round of testing during February 2020, AV Test found that Norton offered 100% protection against virus and malware attacks, with no false positive results recorded either.

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