How does google maps get pictures of houses?

Edythe Haley asked a question: How does google maps get pictures of houses?
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Where do the images on Google Maps come from?

  • Most of the city images of the Google map come from aerial photography through cameras in airplanes that fly over the area at between 800 and 1500 feet. Survey Graphics Mapping Consultants - Aerial Survey is one organization that holds expertise in the aerial imagery.

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Despite what you may have heard, Google is not actually using satellite technology to get its images. The primary way they obtain their photos is with their Google Street View cars. You may have ...

The satellite and aerial images in Google Earth are taken by cameras on satellites and aircraft, which collect each image at a specific date and time.Those images can be used in Google Earth as a...

The website allows anyone to look up any address and get a photographic view of the area—your home, your car, etc. Google accomplished this photographic real-life view of everywhere by sending out cars to take these street view photographs, which are then added to their interactive map.

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Use the search box on the upper left corner and enter the exact and complete address of the house you want to view. Click the Search button beside the search field to continue. Just like in Google Maps, Google Earth will bring you to the location you've entered. At first, the area view may be too far up to be able to focus on the house.

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Of course, you can always upload your own pictures to places you’ve traveled using Google Maps. Provide images, feedback, and even rate businesses using the Google Contribution feature within...

Google Maps. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

Earlier this year, we gave you a look at how Google Maps maps the world.Today, we’ll dive deeper into a main ingredient of the map making process– imagery–and how it powers one of our most popular features. More than just pictures. When you think of imagery and Google Maps, you probably think of the Street View cars and trekkers that collect billions of images from all around the world.

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