How do you get the rainbow reaction on facebook?

Kayla Jones asked a question: How do you get the rainbow reaction on facebook?
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You can receive the Pride reaction by liking the [email protected] Page here: Please keep in mind, this isn't yet available in some areas, but we hope to roll it out in more soon.

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Don't stress. Here's how to start reacting with rainbows on Facebook ASAP: Log into Facebook. Like the [email protected] page. Voila! You're now able to react to whatever you want with a rainbow!

How to get the Pride rainbow flag reaction on Facebook. F acebook has added a new rainbow flag reaction to its social network for a limited time so users can celebrate Pride month.. The flag, which has been a symbol of the LGBT community since 1978, joins the thumbs up and heart signs as well as excited, shocked, sad and angry emoji as a way to react on Facebook.

So, how do you get the rainbow flag reaction on Facebook? Just make sure you're logged into your Facebook account and click LIKE on the [email protected] page. It may take a few minutes to appear...

How to get the rainbow flag reaction Log in to Facebook in the app or on the web; Go to the [email protected] page Like the page; You might need to log out and log back in again before the reaction ...

So, how do you get it? Like many other custom reactions on Facebook, you can opt-in by liking a specific page. In this case, liking the [email protected] page will enable the pride reaction for your account. Once you’ve liked the page, wait a few minutes and you’ll see the rainbow option appear on both mobile and the web.

If you’d like to get the rainbow flag reaction, go to the [email protected] Page and Like it. Go back to your Facebook Home page and you will see the Rainbow flag as an option in your choices of reactions.

To do that, simply visit the @LGBTQFacebook page and click 'Like'. Refresh your page, and the rainbow flag should then be available as a reaction. If you’d previously like Facebook’s official LQBTQ...

Captioning an image is a good way to get more than just reactions as engagement; it gets comments as well. Of course, you have to then judge the comments, and that can get tedious if you get a ton of entries. Run a livestream video vote. This is too complex to explain here, so I’ll just link you to a good guide on how to do it.

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