How do you find the path of a file in bash?

Emile Turcotte asked a question: How do you find the path of a file in bash?
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Everything you need to know about $path in bash

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To obtain the full path of a file, we use the readlink command. readlink prints the absolute path of a symbolic link, but as a side-effect, it also prints the absolute path for a relative path. In the case of the first command, readlink resolves the relative path of foo/ to the absolute path of /home/example/foo/.


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💻 How to add path variable to bash file?

  • You can add path to any one of the following method: $HOME/.bash_profile file using export syntax. /etc/paths.d directory. The syntax is as follows: In this example, add /usr/local/sbin/modemZapp/ directory to $PATH variable.

💻 What kind of file path does bash use?

  • You use the standard Windows file path when passing a file path directly to a Windows program. That’s because Bash passes the argument directly. Notepad.exe and other Windows programs expect a Windows file path. Some Windows commands aren’t .exe files, but are built into the Command Prompt itself.

💻 How to find bash path in linux?

  • The only ones that bash looks at by default are in the user's home directory, yes. There is also typically a single source for them in Linux -- /etc/skel. The user's home directory does not need to be under /home, though. I see you've edited your question to ask where your .bash_login and .bash_profile files are.

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What bash script sets your path?
  • Usually this is the Bash shell, although there are others, including Dash, Zsh, Tcsh, Ksh, and Fish. For Bash, you simply need to add the line from above, export PATH=$PATH:/place/with/the/file, to the appropriate file that will be read when your shell launches.
Which bash file?
  • The.bashrc file is a bash shell configuration file. It is stored at ~/.bashrc and gets executed every time a user starts up a fresh terminal session in interactive mode on their Linux system. As the dot suggests, this is a hidden file in Linux. The.bashrc file contains a set of data that defines all the configurations for a terminal session.
Bash scripting find out how old a file is?

#!/bin/bash function age() { local filename=$1 local changed=`stat -c %Y "$filename"` local now=`date +%s` local elapsed let elapsed=now-changed echo $elapsed } file="/" echo The age of $file is $(age "$file") seconds.

How do i find a file in git bash?

To be sure that you are using the Unix find from the Git Bash shell, type /bin/find . Now the -name parameter will work. will find filename. java in your directory/subdirectories.

How to get filename from path bash?

Introduction: One can extract filename and extension in bash shell using built-in commands or external commands. ... To extract filename and extension in Bash use any one of the following method:

  1. basename /path/to/file. tar…
  2. ${VAR%pattern} – Remove file extension.
  3. ${VAR#pattern} – Delete from shortest front pattern.

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Navigating directories in bash What's a bash file?

A Bash script is a text file containing a series of commands. Any command that can be executed in the terminal can be put into a Bash script. Any series of commands to be executed in the terminal can be written in a text file, in that order, as a Bash script. Bash scripts are given an extension of . sh .

How do i find mysql path?
  1. Open up MySQL's configuration file: less /etc/my.cnf.
  2. Search for the term "datadir": /datadir.
  3. If it exists, it will highlight a line that reads: datadir = [path]
  4. You can also manually look for that line…
  5. If that line does not exist, then MySQL will default to: /var/lib/mysql.

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Absolute and relative paths in linux How do i append a path in bash?
  1. Open the . bashrc file in your home directory (for example, /home/your-user-name/. bashrc ) in a text editor.
  2. Add export PATH="your-dir:$PATH" to the last line of the file, where your-dir is the directory you want to add.
  3. Save the . bashrc file.
  4. Restart your terminal.
How do i change my git bash path?

Go to File > Preferences > Settings and type shell in search settings. After that, navigate to Terminal > Integrated > Shell:Windows and update the path with Git Bash executable: C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe and save. Reopen VS Code terminal and it will prompt Git Bash.

How do i get absolute path in bash?
  1. This script get relative path as argument "$1"
  2. Then we get dirname part of that path (you can pass either dir or file to this script): dirname "$1"
  3. Then we cd "$(dirname "$1") into this relative dir and get absolute path for it by running pwd shell command.

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Absolute and relative paths How does bash search for executables in path?
  • Here, bash is consulting PATH for the locations to search for the executable (s) of a command. Before we modify the value of PATH, it’s important to understand its structure. Run the command again to check the value of PATH. Notice that each of the directories is separated by a “:” sign.
How to add a path to git bash?
  • Double-click on the "Path" entry under "System variables". If you wish to do it for yourself then double click on the “Path” entry under your User. Next, click on "New" button and add the following two paths C:Program FilesGitbin and C:Program FilesGitcmd to the end of the list. Close all open windows
How to set java path in git bash?
  1. Go to System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables.
  2. New System Variable.
  3. 'Variable name': PATH.
  4. 'Variable value': C\Program Files\Java\jdk-9\bin (or whatever your path is)
  5. Restart Git Bash.
How to set path variables under linux bash?
  • Set PATH as follows: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/jdk1.5.0_07/bin Feel free to replace /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_07 as per your setup. Save and close the file. Just logout and login back to see new changes. Alternatively, type the following command to activate the new path settings immediately: $ source ~/.bash_profile OR $ . ~/.bash_profile
How to set the path in bash profile?
  • Setting the PATH in bashrc looks identical to how we set it in bash_profile. For example, to include the directory /home/tomahawk/.rbenv/bin in my path, I edit or create the file /home/tomahawk/.bashrc, adding the following line:
What does path mean in the bash profile?
  • The first edit to your Bash profile is to correct your PATH. PATH is an environment variable, which simply means that it represents some small bit of data while you use Terminal. Specifically, PATH contains a list of file system paths where the operating system can find programs to run.
Where do i put the path in bash?
  • Don't put it in /etc/environment or ~/.pam_environment: these are not shell files, you can't use substitutions like $PATH in there. In these files, you can only override a variable, not add to it.
How to copy file bash?
  • If you just want to copy a piece of text in the terminal, all you need to do is highlight it with your mouse, then press Ctrl + Shift + C to copy. To paste it where the cursor is, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V.

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How to set a path in linux How to delete file bash?

To delete a specific file, you can use the command rm followed by the name of the file you want to delete (e.g. rm filename ). For example, you can delete the addresses. txt file under the home directory.

How to install bash file?

How to setup Bash on your computer?

  • How to install Bash on Windows 10 Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows Features. Firstly, we'll need to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) on Windows Features… Enable Developer Mode. After installing the Linux subsystem, you will need to enable the Developer Mode on Windows 10… Install Bash. After that, we will need to install Bash itself… Using Bash…
What is bash configuration file?

Bash Configuration Files and their Location

This is a "System wide" initialisation file that is executed during login. This file provides initial environment variables and initial "PATH" locations. What is bash file extension?
  • The bash file extension is associated with the Unix Shell called Bash (SH ( Bourne SHell ) CSH (C SHell) and KSH (Korn SHell)), a command processor used on Linux and Mac OS X (macOS) as well as other Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
How to access the project path in git bash?
  • Open run, input StartGit Then enter (case doesn’t matter) Then paste the project path and press enter, so that you can quickly access the Git-bash.exe Quick access to the project path The operation effect is as follows:
How to add something to the git bash path?

Solution — Adding Permanent path using . bashrc or . profile for git-bash

  1. go to your JDK/bin directory something like this 'C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.8.0_162\bin'
  2. right click and click git-bash here.
  3. use command pwd which shows 'present working directory' for unix based paths.
How to change path into program files git bash?
  • You need to change this Windows CMD to Git Bash. Go to File > Preferences > Settings and type shell in search settings. After that, navigate to Terminal > Integrated > Shell:Windows and update the path with Git Bash executable: C:Program FilesGitbinbash.exe and save.

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Absolute path vs relative path in linux/unix