How do u lose views on youtube?

Nicolas O'Kon asked a question: How do u lose views on youtube?
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YouTube videos can lose views from YouTube Audits. For videos that begin garnering views, YouTube conducts audits to weed out dubious accounts. Auditing is a continuous process, and YouTubers should expect fluctuation of views over time.

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The YouTube audit to remove fake views is a continuing process. It begins once your video receives views, and YouTube algorithms will examine every view your video receives. If it falls into any of the conditions for the removal of views, it will purge them.

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Well what fake/bot/ views? It‘s the second time this happens to me, but this time to all my videos. I have four subscribers, And got 70 views in a couple of hours, over 100 till the next day, and youtube decresed them by half the thitd day. Now youtube did it again with all my videos.

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