How do i update a software driver?

Tamara Shields asked a question: How do i update a software driver?
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  • Open Start. Search for Device Manager and click the top result to open the experience. Double-click the category with the device you want to update. Right-click the device, and select the Update Driver option. Click the Search automatically for updated driver software option.

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How to Update Your Drivers in Windows If you want to fix your computer's buggy hardware, you may need to replace its drivers. A driver is a small piece of software that helps your PC communicate ...

To install it, open the device manager – select the device – right-click Update driver. In the window that appears, select “Browse my computer”, show the folder (location) and click Next. Driver installation process should start and shortly you should get a notification about completion. Method 3.

How to update graphics drivers on Windows 10 Typically, if the graphics card is working, it's never a good idea to update its driver. However, graphics card manufacturers are known to rollout ...

One of the easiest ways to update a driver is to use Windows’ built-in tool, called Windows Update, which comes with Windows 7 and Windows 10. The drivers you get from Windows Update are fine-tuned and certified by the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). While these drivers typically aren’t the very latest versions, they are very stable.

You can press Windows + X, and select Device Manager to open Device Manager in Windows 10. In Device Manager window, you can select the device which you want to update its driver. Right-click the target device and select Update driver. Then you can click Search automatically for updated driver software to update the driver of the device.

If Windows Update finds an updated driver, it will download and install it, and your printer will automatically use it. Install software that came with your printer If your printer came with a disc, it might contain software that can help you install drivers for your printer or check for driver updates.

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