How do i restart my instagram app?

Dan Miller asked a question: How do i restart my instagram app?
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Reset your Instagram app

On Android, go to Settings > App & Notifications > Tap on Instagram > Go to Storage > Tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache. Now, your login data will be deleted and the app would become brand new. Hopefully, this will delete any corrupt data that might have been messing with your feed.

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How to close and restart Instagram (iPhone) Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. Swipe Instagram up to close it.

To reactivate your account, log into Instagram. If you're having trouble reactivating your account, visit the Help Center. Once you've logged into your account, you can use the Data Download tool to download a copy of your data.

1. Hold down the Instagram app icon on your phone and go to the App info. 2. In the App info window, tap on the Force stop button. This will stop your Instagram from running. 3. Now, you can Restart Instagram and check if this method was able to fix the crashing issue. Method 6: Use the Web Version of Instagram

Steps: Instagram explore page reset Open the Instagram app and log in to your account. Click on your profile picture icon that is at the bottom right corner. When your profile page opens, click on the menu icon which is at the top right corner.

Fill out the information on the screen, then tap “Request Support.”. Fill out the information as much information as you can. The more convincing you can be that you are the legitimate owner ...

In the event that there are updates, you need to download and install them. If updates are not available for any reason, uninstall the Instagram app and install it again. Reason 3: Further Techni̇cal Reasons Beyond Your Understandi̇ng. Sometimes errors can pop from nowhere.

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