How do i make my facebook check in 2020 private?

Yoshiko Bauch asked a question: How do i make my facebook check in 2020 private?
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If you need more granular control over your check-in settings select "Customize" at the bottom of the drop down menu. This will open up a pop-up window where you can set your check-ins to be viewable only by you or by specific friends in your friends list.

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On your Facebook homepage, click the small arrow in the top right and click “settings” near the bottom of the drop-down menu. Look at the tabs on the left side of the page and click “security and...

Click the down caret at the upper right of your Facebook profile page. Then click "Settings" then "Privacy". Next click "Limit Past Posts". This helps ensure that none of your past posts are set as "Public" -- and that non-friends can't see that content.

Click the down arrow in the top right corner of Facebook, then select “Settings” from the drop down menu. On the Settings screen, click “Privacy” in the left-hand rail, then select “Limit Past...

To let people check in at your business on a Page you manage, go to the About section of your Page.

If you navigate to your profile, you should see a tab labeled "More" under your cover photo. Click on this tab and scroll down to "Likes." From here, you can click on the small pencil icon in the upper right corner of your likes, and select "Edit the Privacy of your Likes."

William Stanton December 16, 2020 … Those who have an Android phone can follow the same steps as iPhone users to make their Facebook profile private. Check them out in the section above.

To do this, click your name at the top of your screen to get to your profile. Then, click the three dots at the bottom of your cover photo. From the drop-down menu, click View As. Now you’ll be able to see what your profile looks like to the public.

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The final stage to make your Facebook page private is to click “Your data settings on Facebook” When the settings opens, click Continue. Then, on the Apps and Websites page, review all Apps that have access to your Facebook page and remove the Apps you no longer wants to grant access. When you finish, click Next.

First, find your post on your timeline. You’ll find the privacy settings for your posts next to the date and time of posting. You can also find them in the three-dots menu for each one.

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