How do i do ab test on facebook ads?

Bernie Turcotte asked a question: How do i do ab test on facebook ads?
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When you access Ads Manager, go to the "Campaigns" tab. Under that tab, you'll see an option for "A/B Test." Keep in mind that you'll need to have an existing ad campaign or campaign draft in order to complete the test. Select your desired campaign, and then you can choose which variable you want to test.

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Check the box to the left of the campaign(s) or ad set(s) you want to use for an A/B test. From the toolbar above, click A/B Test. Select an available variable and follow the on-screen instructions. Note: if you select Custom you can create a test by duplicating the selected campaign or ad set and edit any variables in the new test campaign.

Grid Composer, A/B Testing on Steroids. Let’s create our campaign using the Grid Composer,a brand new feature we released in 2018 to offer even more flexibility to create your a/b tests for Facebook ads. At Step 1 of campaign creation, instead of working on a “Standard” campaign lets select the “Aggregate”.

You can create an A/B test in Ads Manager to compare two or more ad campaigns to see which performs best for your business objectives. You can use two or more existing campaigns or duplicate an existing one to create your test. The toolbar in Ads Manager features various options that allow you to use an existing ad campaign, ad set, or ad as a template for your test.

A/B testing lets you change variables, such as your ad creative, audience, or placement to determine which strategy performs best and improve future campaigns.For example, you might hypothesize that a custom audience strategy will outperform an interest-based audience strategy for your business. An A/B test lets you quickly compare both strategies to see which one performs best.

In This video WsCubeTech Explains about setting up AB Testing Campaign in Facebook Ads along with the analytics of the AB Testing Campaign Created Earlier.#A...

If your A/B test is In Review or Scheduled, then you can still make any changes you'd like to the campaign, ad set or ads in the test. To do this, edit your ad set or ad in Ads Manager just as you would in any other situation. However, once your A/B test is Running, you won't be able to make any changes to the variable you've chosen for your test.

A report by Buffer estimated that as many as 91% of marketers use Facebook ads. Facebook marketing continues to push full steam ahead. Although Facebook ads can be great for drumming up brand awareness, knowing how to A/B test your ads is the secret to long term success.

For this reason, when creating an A/B Test in Ads Manager, you must create a test with a schedule between 1 and 30 days. Your ideal time frame (such as within the 7-day time period) may also depend on your objective and business vertical.

An A/B test lets you experiment with different versions of your ads so you can see what works best. By analyzing your A/B test results, you can determine what changes you might want to make to future campaigns. Your test can start showing results once there’s at least 100 events observed for each strategy you're testing.

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