How do i create a truck route on google maps?

Vella West asked a question: How do i create a truck route on google maps?
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Start all three apps – Google Maps, Send to Navigation and your truck GPS app ( in our case iGO Truck). Open Google Maps and choose your destination. Slide to the bottom and select Share. Then choose Send to Navigation.

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Among them, you will see and choose iGO Nextgen app. Click on the iGO app, and it will load the chosen destination in Google Maps. Then it will generate a route with specific restrictions depending on the length and weight of your truck. These are some partial methods for using Google Maps when you are a lorry driver.

Google maps provides the optimal route from A to B when traveling by “car”. Our customers has “trucks” which cannot go on all the streets. Example: Narrow streets, or low bridge. To find optimal truck driving route, I plan to do the following: Mark the constrained spaces (narrow streets, low bridge, etc) as a barrier in google map.

At the moment Google Maps does not support a Truck option for its Navigation mode.

Here’s how to customize a route in Google Maps. Note that this set of instructions is relevant to the web version of Google Maps, not the mobile app version. 1. Type in your To and From addresses to get directions. Google Maps will give you a few route suggestions that will be listed in the left panel and displayed on the map.

Millson Forestry Service Timmins Ontario, Canada. Delivery and pickup best truck routes to the Main complex and the "Farm"

Don’t Try to Use Google Maps for Commercial Truck Routing. Google Maps is designed for private consumers to find directions, and it shows in every part of the application. You have to manually add stops, and there’s a maximum cap set at just 10. Not to mention, it doesn’t support trucking routes.

Step 3: (Optional step) Select “car” Icon. We are assuming you want to plan a map by car or truck. Therefore, go ahead and select the car icon at the top of the bar. The image below shows an unselected “car” icon. The image below shows a selected “car” icon.

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