How do i add a second map in arcgis?

Dallin Roob asked a question: How do i add a second map in arcgis?
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In ArcGIS Pro, open a project and navigate to the Insert tab, and click New Map > New Map. Repeat Step 1 to create a second map. Input the same data in both of the maps. To do this, navigate to the Map tab, and click Add Data.

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If you want to add any additional maps to a layout, you simply need to add a new map. You can do so fromthe Insert tab > Insert New Map. For 2D maps the right choice is New Map. For 3D scenes, you could choose Local or Global depending on the scale of the new map.

Open Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Click the Add drop-down arrow and select Map. Select a map from the map gallery. After configuring, click Done.

Add features to the map by selecting drawing tools from the express map drawing toolbar. As you draw features on the map, they are also added to the map layers side panel. In the map layers side panel, drawn features of the same type are grouped into a single layer and information can be added to pop-ups for each feature.

Click the data frame in layout view to select it. Click the Edit menu and click Copy. Click the Edit menu and click Paste. Click the copy, located on top of the original data frame, and drag it to a new place on the page.

In the list of menu items on the left, click Open. On the Open page, click Portal and click Open another project at the bottom of the page. On the Open Project dialog box, under Portal, click ArcGIS Online.

Create a map enabled for editing. Choose the default basemap. Customize the map for the field. Share the map. Next steps. Create a map for mobile workers to use in the Field Maps mobile app. The type of map you create depends on what your mobile workers need to do in the field and is defined by the layers it contains:

Dragging a dataset from the Catalog window— You can navigate to datasets and add them directly in ArcMap. Using the Catalog window, navigate to the desired dataset. Drag the dataset into the map's data frame. Dragging a dataset from the Search window —You can add data to your map from the Search window.

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