How can you repeat a song on youtube?

Ryleigh Champlin asked a question: How can you repeat a song on youtube?
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To repeat a song

If you're listening to a playlist or album, you can also click the circular arrows again until the arrows are illuminated to repeat the entire playlist or album. If you've selected a specific song, video, artist shuffle, or radio, you can only repeat the song or video currently playing.

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To repeat a song, album, or playlist. While listening to a song on your album or playlist, click the circular arrows until the number 1 appears in the middle. This will repeat the current song or...

You should be able to click that once to repeat either albums or playlist. Click it twice and it should repeat the current song you are listening to. On mobile, you should be able to swipe up from your now playing to access what is next and the same button will be on top or right below the song at that point.

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