How can i see what ive saved on facebook?

Sheila Blanda asked a question: How can i see what ive saved on facebook?
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In the top right of Facebook, tap . Tap Saved. Tap a collection at the top or tap a saved item to view it.

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When you save things on Facebook, they'll appear in your Saved Items that only you can see.

To view the things you've saved: Go to Click a saved category in the left menu or click a saved item to view it.

Share Article. When you save something on Facebook, only you can see it unless you choose to to add it to a collection using the Public, Friends, or Contributors Only privacy settings. Everyone in the collection’s audience can view items, comment on items and see the collection’s name.

Click Saved. A small number will display next to the link that indicates how many items you have saved. Once you click Saved, you'll be redirected to a page with all your saved posts. You can click a post title to view it.

When you log into your personal profile on FB and click on home you will see a list of options on the Left side of your page. Go to Explore and under that you will see Saved. Click on saved, here you will see all the links, posts and videos you have saved on FB. FB has recently introduced Collection.

Your activity log lets you review and manage what you've shared on Facebook. By default, it shows your activity from the current year, starting with your most recent activity. Keep in mind that only you can see your activity log, but stories in your activity log may appear other places on Facebook, like on your Timeline, in search or in your ...

To see what you’ve shared on Facebook and who has that data about you, you should download your data from the Settings page. You can see some of the data you’ve shared on Facebook by going into Settings and looking around. But according to the Facebook Help Page, ...

You can tap the “Save” button to save an ad for later. You’ll find all the saved ads in the Saved tab. RELATED: How to Hide Specific Ads on Facebook. Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook for iPhone and iPad. The steps for viewing recently clicked ads on Facebook are different in the iPhone and iPad app.

A collection is a customized grouping of saved items organized around a topic or theme. Organize your saved items using Suggested Collections or create and name your own collections.

First, visit your Facebook profile. Tap the three-line menu button in the corner of the screen (the bottom-right corner for iOS, or the top-right for Android), then tap your name at the top of the menu. Next, tap the Activity Log button just below your profile image; doing so will take you to a screen with a long list of months and years.

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