How can i find out what facebook has shared about my facebook account?

Trever Nitzsche asked a question: How can i find out what facebook has shared about my facebook account?
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Here's what this means, in Facebook's words, according to the app: If you don't have the app installed, you can also go to Facebook's Help Center page ( and search “Cambridge Analytica.” Facebook will let you know if your account details were obtained or not.

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Your activity log lets you review and manage what you've shared on Facebook. By default, it shows your activity from the current year, starting with your most recent activity. Keep in mind that only you can see your activity log, but stories in your activity log may appear other places on Facebook, like on your Timeline, in search or in your ...

Tap the alarm bell in the top right corner of Facebook and see what new notifications are there. If a post has been shared, it'll tell you the name of the person and how many hours ago they shared it. You may also receive an email informing you of this, depending on if you have email updates set up.

You can tell if someone else has used your Facebook account by checking the last active status. Facebook enabled this feature several years back to help monitor your log-ins and flag up suspicious...

To see who viewed your Facebook profile, Open in Chrome and log-in, go to profile page > right-click on your mouse & click View Page Source.

If your Facebook account has been disabled, you'll see a disabled message when you try to log in.

On desktop or in the mobile app, tap the drop-down menu on the top-right side of Facebook and select “Settings.”. Select the “Apps” option. This is on the left side of the page on desktop ...

If you see any unfamiliar devices or locations, you can end those sessions from your current one. To find out where your account is currently logged in, open a web browser, log into Facebook, and go to the Facebook account settings page.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and go to the page you wanna find the link of. Step 2: Right-click in the browser’s address bar and copy the URL to the last number (see the reference screenshot below). An alternative way to find or copy page link on Facebook Sharing Links and Privacy Settings You Need to Know

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