Googlechrome crashes when trying to play youtube videos?

Paxton Kessler asked a question: Googlechrome crashes when trying to play youtube videos?
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What do do when YouTube videos freeze on Google Chrome

  • Update Google Chrome.
  • Clear the cache and data of Chrome.
  • Try turning off hardware acceleration.
  • Try to disable your browser extensions.
  • Update your graphics card driver.

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Google Chrome is a great browser that usually plays videos without any issues. However, some users have said on forums that YouTube videos freeze on Google Chrome.. One user stated: Whenever I go to play a YouTube, the video freezes up.Then after about 15 seconds or more, it says Google Chrome is not responding.

Ad-filters, extensions, sandbox feature, cache contents might be not working. Below are outlined solutions to fix constant Chrome crashes. Clear Cache Contents and Temp Files: 1. Click Wrench, select Tools | Clear browsing data. 2. A new page would open. 3. Choose “The beginning of time” from the drop down control.

Open the Google Chrome browser from your PC. Open the browser and click on the three horizontal dots at the top right part of the browser. It says Customize and control Google Chrome when you hover above it. This will open the dropdown menu.

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