Does youtube output dolby atmos?

Evans McCullough asked a question: Does youtube output dolby atmos?
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YouTube only outputs 2.0 audio no matter what the original audio was uploaded in so none of the videos you see on YouTube even on the Dolby site that say Dolby Atmos are actually only 2.0 audio. Apple TV doesn't even support 4k video on the YouTube app due to some codec issues.

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Atmos takes any stereo or surround feed and plays it in spatial. That's true for the X1 - all sounds get spatialised with Dolby's magic. The quality of the mix in the first place will of course impact results. Not sure that most content on YouTube is really designed for surround, let alone spatial.

How to Connect Laptop to TV and Enable Dolby Atmos - YouTube. This video will show how to connect asus zephyrus laptop thru HDMI cable to Bose 535 lifestyle 5.1 speaker, with Dolby atmos enabled ...

Playing an Atmos-encoded Netflix movie on an Apple TV HD (4th gen, non-4K) connected to an Atmos-capable A/V receiver. In this scenario, the Apple TV is the weakest link: It doesn’t support Dolby...

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