Does youtube have privacy settings?

Walker Stroman asked a question: Does youtube have privacy settings?
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Sign in to the YouTube app on your Android device. Your videos . Edit. Tap the Privacy setting, and choose between Public, Private, and Unlisted.

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Don’t be fooled if someone reaches out to you pretending to be from YouTube. Get permission first. Get permission before filming other people or posting their personal information. Visit our...

Update the privacy settings of your video to control where your video can appear and who can watch it. Change video privacy settings. Sign in to the YouTube app on your Android device.

The general gist of YouTube's privacy policy is that a person must be "uniquely identifiable" for content to be subject to removal. This means a video should have enough details that people can...

Having a private video on youtube is the most secure way to keep your videos confidential without having anyone else see them. Having private videos allows you to upload your videos to youtube without publishing them, so you can have them ready to go without having to wait for hours for the video itself to upload.

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