Does adblock block youtube ads?

Lila Cormier asked a question: Does adblock block youtube ads?
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  • If you use Google Chrome, use the Adblock Plus extension to get rid of all annoying advertising. Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on the web, like YouTube video ads, flashy banner ads, Facebook ads and much more. It even blocks pop-ups which are not blocked by your browser.

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AdBlock blocks YouTube ads by default, and we provide powerful tools to customize how you block ads on YouTube. YouTube Channel Allowlisting AdBlock is the only YouTube ad blocker with an easy-to-use option for allowing ads on your favorite channels, making it simple to support content creators.

Try to maybe clear all cookies and data from Google and Other than that, not much to do than to wait until the people who make the block-lists figure out how to block these new ads. It's not a Vivaldi issue, and since Vivaldi just uses publicly available block lists there's not a lot they can do.

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