Do vendor software implementation costs need to be capitalized?

Mara Wilkinson asked a question: Do vendor software implementation costs need to be capitalized?
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Finally, once development is complete and the software is made available for release to customers, capitalization no longer is appropriate because any remaining costs are considered ongoing maintenance and support. These costs always must be expensed as they are incurred.

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If the implementation of a new solution includes a multiyear license, an organization can capitalize the license cost and recognize the expense over time. With software as a service, there is...

The following development costs should not be capitalized: Overhead costs; Costs for data conversion; Training costs; If your business is using a Software as a Service vendor, FASB revised ASC 350-40 to provide guidance on capitalizing software in a cloud computing arrangement that is a service contract.

Costs incurred after implementation, including maintenance and employee training. Costs to Capitalize The costs you should capitalize are those that are directly related to the development, deployment and testing of the software.

Under the guidance for implementation costs, a customer that first implements a cloud-based software that is a service would capitalize cost or expense costs by analyzing what stage of the project the costs were incurred during and the nature of the costs. There are three phases to a project: Preliminary project stage.

Consistent treatment for implementation costs. With the new update, the guidance for internal-use software is to be applied to all cloud computing arrangements, including SaaS arrangements. In brief, implementation costs are to be capitalized, while all other costs can be expensed. Costs to be capitalized. Whether a cost should be capitalized or expensed depends on the phase of the implementation process and the nature of the costs.

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