Do my facebook group posts show on my timeline?

Coralie Zboncak asked a question: Do my facebook group posts show on my timeline?
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Your group posts will still be published on your Timeline, but they will only be seen by other members of that closed group. In other words, your Facebook friends who aren't also members of that group (and members of the public at large) won't be able to see the posts you make in a closed group.

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after clicking info, from the next page that shows up, scroll down to where you will see unfollow group and click it to unfollow the group. do this for most of the groups you have joined.that is how to stop Facebook groups post from appearing on your timeline or news feed.

This feature only controls what appears on your Timeline—posts that you’re tagged in will still appear in search, the News Feed, and other parts of Facebook.

How To Post To My Timeline On FacebookPosting To My Timeline:You can share stories from the top of your Timeline or your News Feed.How To Create a New Post:P...

2012-08-09 07:18:59. When you post, make sure to set who can see it. Go to the gear (settings) icon and change it to whoever you want it visible for. 2015-09-17 16:49:37. I've done that countless times. It is set to 'public', but will still show on my timeline and not my newsfeed.

Josh, if you tag a page, it shows up in the “Posts by Others” and the admin can choose to show it on the timeline. If you click the little X in the top right corner and you get a menu where you can select show on page.

Nothing appears on your own timeline out in main Facebook. But your friends who aren’t in the group will see a selection of your posts in that Facebook group, whether or not they’re interested in interior decoration. Why can my friends see my Facebook group posts?

Wall (Timeline) posts: If the blocked person posted to your Wall (timeline) before the block, then you’ll still be able to see that post (you can remove Wall (timeline) posts you don’t like). After the block, they won’t be able to post on your Wall (timeline) and you won’t see any posts they make to other people’s Walls (timeline).

Nope. That shows me the other pages I manage. Not useful. To actually change back to your personal ID you need to back up to the original post and click on the tiny circular profile photo icon. A menu pops up: Ah, this time my personal Facebook ID shows up. Huzzah! Now when I choose that, the Share menu is quite different: Now when I choose “Share…” I have the option of sharing it on my personal timeline with a comment, as desired:

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