Can you send an mp3 through facebook message?

Colby Russel asked a question: Can you send an mp3 through facebook message?
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Open the Facebook Messenger app, then browse to the person you want to send your audio message. Alongside the text input box at the bottom of your screen, select the Add Files icon. The Files options will appear below the text input box. From here, you can scroll through your files until you find your audio recording.

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Step 3. Browse your hard drive for the MP3 file you want to send, then click "Open." Click the "Send" button to send your message and the file. Post an MP3 to your entire network -- rather than sending it to a specific person -- by clicking the "Link" button when you make a status update, pasting the URL link to a file into the box and clicking ...

Learn how to share mp3 audio file on Facebook messenger, share,

Audio messages are not available for everyone.

If you do not want to drag and drop you can simply use the browse computer menu to locate and add music that you want to send to your Facebook friend. The friends will receive the message that will contain a link pointing to the mp3 file (s). A click on the link will download the music to the users computer.

Facebook will create a clickable link at the bottom of the Status Update box. You can enter a message about the song if you want, and when you're ready to share the mp3 file, just click the blue “Post” button at the bottom right of the Status Update box.

Sound Clips With Facebook Messenger Sign in to Facebook and down along the left-hand menu look for the Messenger App. You’ll be taken to the Messenger page. Then, again on the left-hand side of the page, you’ll notice Search Messenger.

2013-08-07 15:25:34. Voice message works when you put it to record your voice and send it.It won't allow you to send a recorded message. You can do is to upload the file to the cloud and share the link via messenger.

Steps to upload MP3 on Facebook via Chirbit: Click Record/upload on the Chirbit page after logging in Choose New File Upload Click the Choose file button and select the MP3 file that you wish to share on Facebook

Choose the Facebook user that you want to send the file to and then tap the SEND button next to his or her name. You can also search for them using the Search box at the top. You can send the file to as many recipients as you want. When the button text turns into “SENT,” then the file has been successfully sent to the recipient.

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