Can you post other people's videos on facebook?

Brenna Williamson asked a question: Can you post other people's videos on facebook?
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Since Facebook videos can only be shared on the site, you won't be able to repost your call to action videos anywhere else. If you want to get more of your YouTube subscribers or Twitter followers to like your Facebook page, you're going to have to upload a video from YouTube or another site onto your other accounts.


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💻 Can i post other peoples videos on my youtube channel?

You can upload other people's video on YouTube but if you have permission to do so… You will be the sole owner of your video. If you want to upload other people's video,just get a written permission from them or you can get online permission.

💻 How do you download other peoples live videos on facebook?

  1. Head over to Facebook and search the live video you want to download.
  2. Now copy the URL from top address bar. Otherwise, right-click on the video, click 'show video URL' and copy the link.
  3. Visit and paste the highlighted URL in the download bar.

💻 Can you use other peoples youtube videos in your videos?

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video? If you plan to include copyright-protected material in your video, you'll generally need to seek permission to do so first… If you wish to use someone else's YouTube video, you may want to reach out to them directly.

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Can you see other peoples subscriptions on youtube?
  • You can change your default privacy setting in your account settings, and you can also enable subscribers to see your subscriptions on your channel About page in the channel settings. When you view other people's channels, you can see a count of their subscribers, but you cannot see a list of other people's subscribers on YouTube.
How do you delete other peoples comments on youtube?
  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Go to the comment.
  3. Select ⋮
  4. Select Remove or Delete.
How do you find other peoples playlists on youtube?
  1. If it's your own playlist: Go to the left-hand menu…
  2. If it's someone else's playlist: Go to their channel page Playlists tab…
  3. If you're watching a video within a playlist: Click the title of the playlist in the gray box on the right-hand side to get to the playlist page.
Is there an app to read other peoples text messages?

XNSpy is a decent cell phone monitoring solution that allows you to read someone's text messages without their phone. You can read sent, received, and deleted texts on both iOS and Android-based devices.

Can you download other people's videos from facebook?

Simply browse to the video that you wish to download on Facebook, and click to start it playing. Right click on the video and click 'Show video URL', then copy the URL link that is displayed on the page. Head on over to, and paste the URL link into the field at the top of the page and hit 'Download'.

Can i post 2 videos on facebook?

You can upload multiple videos at once in Creator Studio… Go to the Home tab and click Upload Video. Click Multiple Videos. Select the video files you want to upload.

Can i post videos on facebook group?

To share photos or videos with a group: From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group… Click Photo/Video at the top of the group. Choose a photo or video from your computer, then click Post.

Can i post videos to facebook marketplace?

You can use the video format in Facebook Marketplace to show off your product, service or brand in new ways. Include movement and sound to capture attention quickly and show unique features of a product or tell your brand story.

Can you post multiple videos on facebook?

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to upload multiple videos in one post on Facebook.Yes, I have solved the mystery of adding multiple videos to a s...

Can you post two videos on facebook?

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to upload multiple videos in one post on Facebook.Yes, I have solved the mystery of adding multiple videos to a s...

Does facebook allow you to post videos?

Uploading a video on Facebook is a great way to share your favorite personal moments or just your new favorite video with a variety of your friends. You can upload videos using the Facebook desktop website or the mobile app. Videos are added as posts, but you can limit the audience if you want to keep it private.

Should i post youtube videos on facebook?

The short answer is you should upload it to both. YouTube is the biggest video sharing network in the world and your YouTube Channel is a great place for people to find your content… The problem with sharing your YouTube video to Facebook is that Facebook doesn't play nice.

Can other people see if i liked a facebook post?
  • However, if you've set your Privacy Settings to Public, then anyone can see it. When you like a business post, your friends see it (or whomever you've identified in your Privacy settings). When people visit that business page Timeline, they'll be able to see that you liked that post as well.
How to post to other facebook pages as your page?
  • #2: Post on Facebook Pages as Your Page If you want to post directly to the wall of a Facebook page as your page (so your post shows up in the Visitor Posts box on the left sidebar of the page), use the drop-down at the top right of the status update box to select the page you want to comment as. Choose which page you want to post with.
Should you post embarrassing pictures of other people on facebook?
  • It may seem like a good prank to post embarrassing pictures of other people on Facebook, but what might start out as a bit of fun can quickly go wrong. Everyone’s Facebook motto should be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Can i post multiple youtube videos in one post on facebook?
  • You can add multiple Youtube Videos into One post. If you're accepted into the Youtube Partner Program and your Channel is approved for monetization, you will also see your Google Adsense Ads in the embedded videos on Facebook. Highly active question.
Can no longer post youtube videos on facebook?

Facebook changed its behavior, and it's no longer possible - all links, including videos, will be opened externally, ... How to Embed one or Multiple Youtube Videos into One Facebook Post: Step 1: Go to your Youtube Channel or ...

Can you post videos with music on facebook?

As of October 1, 2020 Facebook will be lowering the hammer more severely on public pages, group pages and private pages that post music video or live stream any music that does not belong to you....

How do you post instagram videos on facebook?
  • Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Step 2: Tap the gear icon near the top-right corner of the screen. Step 4: Tap the toggle next to “Share Your Story to Facebook” to have the Instagram app automatically share your Instagram Story posts (both photos and videos) to your Facebook Story.
Should you post videos to your facebook page?
  • Yes! But post each one native to its platform. Meaning, don’t post to YouTube then share to Facebook. Facebook prioritizes video above other content (links, photos etc.). The more engaging the content and the more content you produce, the more likely you can grow your page organically.
Why can i not post videos on facebook?

Uninstall and reinstall Facebook on your device. If there's an update for Facebook, update it. If the error is a result of a bug in an older version of Facebook, updating it might fix your issue. If you're currently using your mobile, you should consider using a PC to retry the upload.