Can you make money from open source software?

Avis Hills asked a question: Can you make money from open source software?
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The most common way to get revenue from OSS is to provide paid support… MySQL, the leading open source database, derives revenue from selling support subscriptions for their product. Paid support is an effective tool for making profit from open source for a few reasons.

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Updated on February 14, 2020 There is a common misconception that there is no money to be made in open source software. It is true that open source code is free to download, but you should think of this as an opportunity rather than a limitation. Businesses that make money in open source software include:

Paid extra features or functionalities. Some companies make money with open source in this way: they distribute their software for free, but charge money for additional features, functionalities, or updates. We can't call such approach selling open source software.

A defining feature of many open source projects is the community that surrounds them, and there is always a danger that a company seeking to make money from open source software may alienate that...

4. Open-core. Open-core has quickly emerged as the most popular way for open-source companies to make money. The idea behind open-core is that the majority of the code base is open-source, while a smaller percentage (targeted at production or enterprise users) is proprietary.

Many companies have adopted a particular model around creating and selling open source software: create an open source platform or base and sell proprietary software that integrates with the underlying open source platform. In this case, the platform is always free or “Free” and the product they actually sell for revenue is proprietary.

Yes, yes we are). Right now, the software industry is largely ...

But here's the thing: the traditional GPL approach means that potential customers for open source software can choose to download a "community" version of the software and use it for free, or pay a...

The good news is that you can also earn money by contributing to open source projects. If you ever asked for tips from an experienced programmer, one of the tips they will always give is to contribute in open source. However, they never speak about making money from open source. The Open Source Model is at the core of open source collaboration.

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