Can teachers add students on facebook?

Muhammad Larkin asked a question: Can teachers add students on facebook?
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You are allowed to send friend requests to teachers but not all of them take it lightly. Many teachers like to keep a distance between them and students, to not allow them to mix things up.

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Students can share their work on Facebook (such as videos for the science project, an essay for the English class, a PowerPoint presentation for social studies, and so on). The teacher can (and should) praise the students for their work or give constructive feedback for everybody to learn from.

Missouri legislators last year passed a law that barred teachers from using websites that allow "exclusive access" with students 18 years old or younger. Teachers complained that they would be...

Ask most students if they are Facebook friends with their teachers and they will tell you, "it depends on the teacher." That alone should tell us that a blanket policy prohibiting teachers from...

Teachers are advised not to communicate with students via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Schools usually offer a platform on their websites that enables student/faculty electronic communication. This is a boundary issue, and your teacher has appropriately insisted on those boundaries.

Schools in New York City and Florida have disciplined teachers for Facebook activity, and Missouri legislators recently acquiesced to teachers' objections to a strict statewide policy. In the New...

Teachers and students should not be friends on Facebook. I believe teachers and students being friends on Facebook is a ridiculous idea. It is weird to have one of your current teachers as your friends, just the thought of her/him reading your uncensored posts and looking through my photo album is enough to make me cringe.

Yes. As long as the teacher is not your “current” teacher and your no longer a part of the school that the teacher is teaching, I think it’s perfectly fine to be friends with your teachers on Facebook. Maintaining a relationship (friendship) with teachers is important for students. It helps them learn more about life and experiences.

If you’re new to teaching, or just new to Facebook, one thing you should definitely do before you step foot in the classroom is check your Facebook privacy settings. Students love to have the inside scoop on their teachers. You can be sure they’ll be checking out your online profiles, as soon as they’ve figured out your first name.

I know a lot of teachers and most of their schools have a blanket ban on teachers being friends on FB with parents of the school children. complexnumber: I don't think anyone is saying they can't be actual friends, people are just talking about Facebook friends. You can be actual friends without being Facebook friends.

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