Can i use a different account for youtube?

Margarett Halvorson asked a question: Can i use a different account for youtube?
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5 Answers. Yes, add both your account to Settings > Account, then you can choose which account to sign in to on the YouTube app.


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💻 Can google account and youtube account have different names?

When you create a channel on YouTube, you can choose a channel name and profile picture for YouTube that's different from your Google Account.

💻 How to use different account in youtube?

Switch between channels

  1. In the top right corner of, click your channel icon.
  2. Next to your profile picture, tap Switch account . You'll see a list of the Accounts that you manage, as well as your Google Account identity.
  3. Click the account you want to use.

💻 What are the different roles on youtube account?

  • What are the different YouTube roles? There are 3 different roles on YouTube that you could have: Primary Owner; Owner; Manager; You will see another role listed for Community Manager but they cannot manage your account. This article explains the different abilities of Primary Owners, Owners and Managers on YouTube. Or just watch the video below…

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Why do different sources have different view counts on youtube?

The difference in view counts is typically a discrepancy between a video page itself and that video's data in the creator studio… In the YouTube Creator Studio, the analytics tell me that the video has 81,959 views. On the video page itself, however, YouTube displays only 81,950 views.

Can't claim youtube account?
  • Fill out all the blank boxes. Click on "This is my Personal youtube account" when "Tell us more about the account that you are having problems signing into" is asked . Select "my youtube account has been closed" under the "Please select the issue you're experiencing ". State your issue.
Is google account and youtube account the same?

YouTube accounts are identical to Google accounts. When you create an account on YouTube, you also create an account on Google. Likewise, when you create an account on Google, you can also use this account information to log in to YouTube.

Why does my youtube channel art look different on different devices?
  • YouTube requires that your image is viewable on TVs, but most users are using their computers or phones to look at your channel. This means that the large majority of your channel art will be cropped for nearly all users. YouTube channel art looks different on every type of device.
Should you make different youtube channels?

There are a number of reasons why we'd recommend consolidating multiple YouTube channels into one global hub: Firstly, it can aid with audience building. Additional channels can mean too much scattergun content… With consolidation, viewership and subscriber numbers can be concentrated on one channel.

What are the different youtube licenses?

Yesterday YouTube added the option for users to select between two licenses for their videos: YouTube's standard license, which basically lets you retain ownership of your video while granting YouTube permission to host and share it; or a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY), which allows you to still retain ...

What are the different youtube subscriptions?

YouTube has its own streaming service, YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red).

  • YouTube has its own streaming service, YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red).
  • For $12 per month, YouTube Premium subscribers can watch videos without ads and download content for viewing offline.
Why are names different on youtube?

YouTube creators with both personal accounts and brand accounts can change the name of their channel without changing their Google account name. These changes can be made from either YouTube Studio on desktop or the YouTube mobile app.

Does deleting your google account delete your youtube account?

Deleting only the Gmail service , doesn't delete the entire Google account , and by that NOT the Youtube channel . ( but the channel becomes inaccessible ) .

How to find which account is my youtube account?

You can see your channel's user and channel IDs in your advanced account settings on a computer or mobile browser. Sign in to YouTube. From the left menu, select Advanced settings. You'll see your channel's user and channel IDs.

Can restore brand youtube account?

If you recently deleted your account, you may be able to recover it.

  1. On your computer, open a web browser, like Chrome or Safari.
  2. Go to the Brand Accounts section of your Google Account.
  3. Tap Deleted accounts.
  4. Next to the account you want to restore, tap Restore this Brand Account. .
Can t create youtube account?

You can try one of these options to create your channel:

  1. Update to the latest version of your YouTube app and try again to create a new channel.
  2. Using a computer, create a new channel on YouTube using a web browser. Then, sign in to the channel using the app on your mobile device.
Can you deactivate youtube account?

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account. Step 2: Click on your username in the top right corner to open a new menu and choose Settings. Step 3: On the new page, click on Manage Account in the menu on the left-hand side… Step 6: Click the Close Account button, if you're sure you want to delete the account, again.

Can you reactivate youtube account?

You can't just recover your YouTube channel, you have to recover your entire account first… To recover your Google account head over to the account recovery page and select “I'm having other problems signing in.” and follow the steps and fill out the form.

Can youtube block your account?

When your account gets blocked, your reputation decreases, so you can't upload a video that is longer than 15 minutes, and sometimes certain functions and monetization become unavailable… Moreover, if you want to remove a blocking, don't delete the video.

Can youtube delete any account?

Closing your YouTube account means that all the unique qualities of your account (your groups, subscriptions, search histories, and so on) will no longer be available to you… Click the Account link at the top of the page. In the Account section at the bottom of the page, click Delete Account.

Can youtube delete my account?

Can YouTube delete an account for swearing? Home More advice Computers & Tech Im new to youtube and I was wondering if they could delete your account for swearing on your channel and/or in your videos?

Can youtube delete your account?

YouTube says it can delete your account if you're not 'commercially viable' ... “YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account's access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”

Can youtube permanently ban account?

YouTube may suspend accounts, temporarily or permanently, from their social networking service. Suspensions of high-profile individuals from YouTube are unusual and when they occur, often attract attention in the media.

Can't access youtube brand account?

Go to YouTube and log in as your Brand Account

If your Brand Account is already linked to your personal account, click on your account, find “Switch Accounts” in the dropdown menu, and select the Brand Account you wish to switch to. Can't delete old youtube account?

The short answer - You can't. You must have access to the YouTube account in order to delete it, or else anyone could delete anyone's account. What I do recommend is changing the YouTube account's email. Go to the YouTube login, and click "forgot password".

Does youtube need google account?
  • Use your Google Account for YouTube. You need a Google Account to sign in to YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (e.g. Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube and more). If you've signed in to any of these products before, you already have a Google Account.
How to transfer youtube account?

Click Move channel to a Brand Account. Choose the account you want to move to from the list on your screen....Move your channel to another Brand Account associated with the same Google Account:

  1. Your Google Account is not the primary account owner…
  2. Other users have access to your channel in Studio permissions.
Is a youtube account free?

Creating a YouTube account is free, quick, and painless. To create a YouTube account, just submit a few bits of basic information and create a username and password. That's it — you don't need to add your street address or phone number, and YouTube doesn't ask you for a credit card number.

Is my youtube account hacked?

YouTube-Account Recovery

If you no longer have access to your YouTube account, then you'll need to recover it instead. Go to the YouTube/Google login page, enter your email address and click 'Next… If you have access to your mobile device, you will be prompted to click 'yes' on your phone to log into your account.